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Welcome to the USS Cygnus!

The USS Cygnus is a Nebula-class heavy cruiser which has seen decades of Starfleet service. After a recent refit, the ship has been assigned to the Fourth Fleet in Task Force 9 along the Breen border. As a Federation ship-of-the-line, her mission includes exploration, diplomacy, and defense, and in this often-lawless region, her presence is necessary to keep the peace and show the flag. Task Force 9 has been tasked with securing the trailing-coreward section of the Alpha Quadrant where the Federation intersects with Tzenkethi, Ferengi, Breen, and Kzinti space, an area that has long been noted for the porousness of the Federation's borders to raiders.

Thanks to the stabilization of the Barzan wormhole, this region is now home to the only reliable connection between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, which has significantly upset the balance of power, and so the border is more dangerous than ever, necessitating that ships like the Cygnus hold the line and keep the situation from descending into chaos.

The Breen Frontier has long been the target of Breen and Kzinti predations—the Cyngus will stop them.

The Deneb Sector hides wonders and secrets—the Cyngus will find them.

The many diverse worlds in this area are tired of being ignored by the Federation—the Cyngus will bring them into the fold.

Will you be with us for this journey?

The USS Cygnus is a proud member of Bravo Fleet and of Task Force 9.

This writing group values diversity in all forms. We are rated 111 on the RPG Rating scale, which equates to approximately 13+.
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Latest Mission Posts

» Rendezvous with the USS Calgary

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Posted on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 @ 8:38pm by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat


The USS Calgary had appeared on their long range scans the day before, about an hour before Lisald had gotten off shift. The appearance of the ship sent electric vibes through the ship; everyone aboard knew that once the supplies and additional crew were safely aboard, the Cygnus would…

» Time to Explore

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Posted on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 @ 8:09pm by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Commander Helena Pope & Ensign Albert Spangler


The staff briefing for their next mission had just wrapped up, and Pope had asked Lisald and Spangler to stay back and go over the survey plan. "Anything?" She asked the two gesturing to the replicator as she ordered herself a fresh mug of tea.

Lisald was the first…

» Meeting of the Minds

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Posted on Fri Jan 7th, 2022 @ 12:59am by Lieutenant JG Erica Anderson & Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat


Lisald stepped off the turbolift and was spilled directly into Main Engineering. One of the wonderful things that Vaat loved about Starfleet vessels was that the turbolift systems were designed in such a way to get the crew to the vital points of the ship in a hurry, without…

» Life Begin's Anew

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Posted on Tue Dec 21st, 2021 @ 5:29pm by Lieutenant JG Erica Anderson & Captain Maxwell Stafford


The Cygnus was three days into her circumnavigation of the Cardassian Union, cruising along at Warp 7. The monotony had allowed Max to give his crew a little more downtime than they usually would and it seemed the crew was making the most of it. For his part, he'd…

» Time will tell

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 1:58am by Lieutenant JG Erica Anderson

Erica sighed as she leant back in the pilots chair of the Adelphi, reading the latest technical manual on the USS Cygnus, her new assignment. She wasn't thrilled to be given the assignment, but at the same time, she was happy to be on a different assignment.

Still, she felt…