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Lieutenant JG Erica Anderson

Name Erica Jane Anderson

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Transgendered/Intersex
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5"4
Weight 52kgs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Emily keeps in excellent shape, spending her free time doing gymnastics, martial arts or archery, when not studying Engineering. She has a pointed chin, and some have said she has a deep voice. She keeps her hair tied back neatly, and has a scar on her back from an accident when she was younger.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Thomas James Anderson (Martial Arts Instructor, Starfleet Academy)
Mother Melissa Anderson (Head Chef, Anderson's House of Munch)
Brother(s) Jason Anderson, Chef, Anderson's House of Munch - 33
Sister(s) Lt. Commander Natasha Anderson, Chief Tactical Officer, USS New York - 29
Other Family General Matthew Anderson, Retired, Former Marine Corps (Grandfather, 86)
Lucy Anderson (Grandmother, 86)
Colonel James Anderson, Anderson's Roughnecks Leader (Uncle, 55)
Colonel Amelia Anderson, Anderson's Roughnecks Deputy, (Aunt, 55)
Maria Anderson, Artist (Cousin, 30)
Marcus Anderson, Marine Trainee, (Cousin, 17)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Erica, or EJ to her family, tends to keep to herself. She has an Eidetic Memory, and as soon as she reads something, she can remember it with perfect clarity. She's never been good at socialising, and prefers activities she can do herself. She learnt martial arts from a young age, and developed a skill at it, as well as archery, but she preferred to study engineering than security.

She can be cold towards some people, and when she's working, she doesn't care about how people see her, as long as they do their job. Her only concern is making sure she does her job.

When she isn't on duty, she'll either be sleeping, reading engineering texts, doing training for martial arts, archery, and gymnastics. She tends to live her life on a schedule, and doesn't like that schedule being interrupted. She has been known to struggle when she has been forced to change her plans.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Eidetic Memory, Excellent Hand-Eye Co-ordination, Agile and strong, very knowledgeable about anything engineering.

Weaknesses: Patience, Diplomacy, struggles with changes to her schedule (Possible Autism traits), Piloting, Scientific understanding, Medical knowledge
Ambitions She doesn't have any ambitions that she knows of, since she thinks having an ambition can cause problems with her daily routines. She cares about her work, and her after work activity.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Engineering Texts, Inventing new devices

Personal History Erica was born in 2373, just before the Dominion War, but she was born male. She was the third child born to the Anderson's.

Erica born as Elliot Jason Anderson.

During the Dominion War, EJ's father is called to Starship duty. He takes part in the final battle of the Dominion War, serving aboard the USS Endeavor, barely surviving. After, he returns to the academy as a Martial Art's Instructor.

Elliot, already speaking and quite intelligent for a five year old, starts martial arts training. He also likes reading any book he can.

EJ confirmed to have an Eidetic Memory, as well as an excellent aptitude for understanding complicated reading materials. He starts reading books about Engineering, and finds a passion for it.

EJ speaks to his older sister, Natasha, and asks her to show him make up skills. Natasha is happy to do so, although she does talk to their parents. Elliot reveals that he wishes he was a girl. He is taken to counselling, where EJ is diagnosed as being Transgender. Elliot changes his name to Emily Jane, and Natasha, happy to have a sister, helps Emily with make up and dressing like a girl. Emily is allowed puberty blockers, but only after a difficult challenge, which is helped by Thomas Anderson's friends in Starfleet JAG.

Emily is in trouble at school for fighting, after being mocked by other students. Emily's parents withdraw her from the school, and put in a complaint with the school board for their inaction at the transphobic action. Emily starts to isolate herself, and even starts to cut herself.

Natasha catches Emily self-harming, where Emily breaks down and confesses how she feels, how isolated she feels. She is given therapy, and starts to open up about her self-harming. She does stop, although it is a difficult road for her.

Emily applies to Starfleet, as an Engineering Cadet. Her test scores are exceptional when it comes to engineering, although she does struggle with other exams. She is admitted, and partnered with another new cadet, Mary Winters, who is able to help Emily.

Mary and Emily start a relationship, after Emily realises she is attracted to girls over boys. She expects to be mocked, like she had been years ago, but other cadets are more accepting than her school mates.

Mary and Emily graduate, but Mary ends the relationship since they are assigned to different ships. Emily, assigned to the USS Ventura, is heartbroken, and decides to stay single, and keeps to herself in engineering. Still, despite working alone, she proves how good she is at her job.

Emily promoted to senior Engineer of the USS Ventura, but still fails to connect with her colleagues. She trains in martial arts every day, as well as archery.

Emily assigned to USS Cygnus as Chief Engineer. Whilst she wasn't the first choice, her skills, and her Engineering knowledge, make her the chosen engineer for the role.
Service Record 2391 - 2395: Starfleet Academy, Engineering Academy
2395 - 2396: USS Ventura, Ensign, Engineer
2396 - 2399: USS Ventura, Ensign, Senior Engineering Officer
2399 - Present: USS Cygnus, Ensign, Chief Engineering Officer