Star Trek: Cygnus



General Items
Main Bridge   The Main Bridge is the ship's primary command center, located in on the top of the ship's primary hull. From here, the captain and command staff issue orders to the departments around the ship and control functions like the helm, operations, and tactical. It is the nerve center of the entire ship.
Captain's Ready Room   Located off of the Main Bridge, the captain's ready room allows the captain to rest and perform work in private while remaining close to the bridge. This space is often used for small briefings as well as individual consultations with officers.
Briefing Room   The briefing room is located behind the main bridge and is a space that the senior staff can use to conduct conferences and briefings related to the mission at hand or to host diplomatic negotiations. It has a large display screen and a long table with enough seats for the entire staff.
Main Sickbay   The ship's Main Sickbay is located on Deck 12, near the center of the saucer section. It is one of several ICU units on the ship and serves as the primary workspace for the ship's Chief Medical Officer. It is both a clinic for the ship's crew and a hospital in times of medical emergencies.
Man Engineering   While the bridge is the brain of the ship, engineering is the heart of it. This space contains the primary intermix chamber (the warp core) and the key engineering control computers. From here, the chief engineering officer can manage the health of the ship's power distribution systems.
Crew Lounge (Two-Three-Fore)   Located on the forward edge of Decks 02 and 03 (hence the name), the Two-Three-Fore lounge is a large two-level lounge that serves as the crew's primary recreation area. Compared to the more intimate lounge on Deck 10, this lounge is brighter and almost occupied by crewmembers talking, eating, and enjoying each other's company.
Officers' Lounge (Ten Forward)   A smaller lounge than the main lounge on Decks 2 and 3, Ten Forward has been informally adopted as a hangout for the ship's senior offices, who can relax in peace and quiet here, though as in all recreational spaces on a starship: rank means nothing once you've come through the door.
Transporter Room   The Cygnus has twelve transporter rooms, each which have a seven-place transporter pad. Four are located on deck eight, four are located on deck twelve, two are located on deck 20 and the final two are located on deck 26.