Star Trek: Cygnus


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Preparing Chateau Cygnus

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 5:43pm by Commander Helena Pope & Lieutenant Angus McTavish & Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD & Lieutenant JG Jeela Lurae
Edited on on Wed Mar 3rd, 2021 @ 1:12am

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: 20 Minutes After Departing Starbase

Pope had reconvened a few members of the senior staff in the Observation lounge, the Cygnus had departed the station and was enroute at high warp. "So, as we said during briefing part of the mission involved evacuating the colonist of Dalriada V. With the habitat pod attached our evacuation limit eleven thousand. Take out 750 for the crew we'll be able to take about ten thousand and change. The Lakota will be able to take about another five thousand. The additional support ships bring out total capacity to close to twenty thousand, so if we can't stop the asteroid we'll at least be able to get everyone off the planet." Pope said facing the three officers.

"Doctor obviously your first priority will be any colonist requiring medical attention. McTavish we'll be relying on security to both keep order up here, and assist in the evacuation efforts. One concern is that the colonist don't exactly hold starfleet in high regards. Jeela hopefully you'll be able to work with the Lieutenant and his teams to convince any hold outs that we're here to help. They will also likely be a long of stress and anguish amongst the colonist." Pope said.

"Of course," McTavish replied, "Security will be ready to maintain the peace on the Colony and shipside."

"We will also be looking at doubling up the crew. So everyone is going to be getting a roommate. This will be applying to all senior staff as well." Pope said. "Angus security will be helping to ensure that this is done before we arrive and that those quarters are prepared for arrivals."

"Of course, Security will make the necessary arrangements that the crew are compliant with their temporary housing orders," Angus noted in his PADD.

"Counsellor, Doctor, we've got some preliminary information from the colony, we're trying to get to get more particulars. What do you need to be ready to for arrival?" Pope asked the blue collared officers.

"I need to know the current occupation rate of their medical facilities - how many patients are currently hospitalized, what their conditions are, and what their treatment needs are. Every colonist coming aboard will be getting a cursory physical exam, and everyone coming aboard by shuttle, who therefore won't be going through the transporter's biofilters, will win the prize of a trip through decontamination before being allowed on board."

"They've said there are currently 227 patients admitted to the hospital. We're trying to get the particulars." Pope responded, "Are we going to be able to handle the decon with the existing facilities tied to the shuttle bays?"

"Decontamination takes about 10 minutes per person, and each decontamination chamber can take groups of twelve. I'm no good at math, but I'd say a turnover of 72 people per hour per chamber is pretty good. Would you rather risk bringing an unknown contaminant on board? We don't know the first thing about this colony."

Pope had to smile. "Believe me, I know the merits of decon, we had an outbreak of Tycenna fever back when I was a Lieutenant because an away team didn't follow strict enough decon. I meant more do we need to prepare overfull facilities. I would assume if we keep the shuttle bays sealed and only allow people in and out via decon we should be able to work through any backlog that builds up?"

"That would depend on the turnover in the shuttle bay," said Elodin. "How many shuttles, landing how frequently, carrying how many people. But yes, in theory, we can hold people in the shuttle bay until the decon chambers are ready - we'll have to establish hot paths from the Bay to the decon chambers, sealed off from the rest of the ship, by the way. I say 'in theory', because Prophets know what state of mind these people will be in. They might not take kindly to being parked in a shuttle bay for who knows how long until they can get to a decon chamber, and be again parked in quarters on a starship and taken from their homes."

"Well be flying the entire contingent so a dozen shuttles, four runabouts." Pope replied, "The plan is to prioritize those that can't be transported, but we also have reported that about a thousand people live in small remote communities have moved away from the main colony centres to live off the land. We will likely need shuttles for them as well."

"Counsellor, do you have any recommendations on things we can do to prepare that will make this transition easier on them?" She said turning to Jeela.

Jeela thought about the situation for a bit while Pope and Elodin were discussing plans between them. Her main concern was the culture of these humans living on the planet. She wished that she had more information about them but knowing that she may be faced with an isolationist society, she knew that this rescue would almost certainly upend their entire ways of living. "Until we can know more about their society, I would advise that we deal with the people that have not been hurt with extreme caution. As we know, we know almost nothing about their way of life so until we know more about their people and the way they go about their daily lives and their traditions, I say that we may have to use the holodecks on the ship to try to give the people a sense of security within themselves. Maybe some old Earth surroundings can be a start. Until we know more about them, it will be a longshot option... but it is the best one there is at the moment." She reported as she did think of one more thing.

"If these people know about interstellar travel, than it would be much easier to convince them to come aboard and try as much as we can to integrate them into our surroundings... may not so much about our way of life but maybe to give them a glimpse of what they have missed in their time away from space. I know that there will be many questions from the people as to why nobody came to their world in such a long time. hat will be a very delicate topic to deal with.. unless their government had a reason to avoid us. Long story short, until we know more about these people, we need to be cautious with due diligence about them. I have a very bad feeling that one wrong move could jeopardize the entire rescue mission.." She reported as she was very confident in her analysis of the people from what she had to work with at the moment.

"They designated as a warp-capable non-allied neutral grouping, they were brought here by warp, however, how much the current colonist understand about advance technology is foggy at best." Pope said.

"Alright, Mister McTavish start getting teams ready, I will be informing the crew that we will be doubling up, hopefully we won't need you to forcibly relocate any crew members. Doctor as soon as we get more information from the colony about their medical needs, in the meantime use what resources you need to ensure we're ready for decon and medical checks on the colonists. Counsellor I know there is very little in the database about these people but I'd like you to review what we have, without a dedicated diplomat on board the Captain and I will be relying on your assistance." Pope said giving the team their marching orders. "If there isn't anything else you're dismissed."

Elodin got to his feet, and with a nod to the other officers, walked out the door, his mind already working on building a list of priorities for the project.


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