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New Arrival

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 9:33pm by Captain Maxwell Stafford & Ensign August Olson Mr

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Location: Main Bridge | U.S.S. Cygnus
Timeline: Mission Day 1 | 18:00 Ship Time

Captain Stafford was still on the Bridge as Beta shift gave way to gamma but he showed no signs of clocking off any time soon. The Cygnus was storming towards Dalriada V at maximum warp, pushing the warp engines as close to the red line as he dared for such an extended period of time. Abrum had chastised him more than once since they'd left the Starbase, which had only seen Maxwell chastise his husband for not resting during his medical leave.

"Captain, we're being hailed by the U.S.S. Drake." Ensign Chapman reported from Operations. "They say they have an officer to transfer over."

That was unexpected. Stafford hadn't received word of any new transfers. "How far out are they?"

"If we slow to impulse, they'll be alongside in...three minutes." Chapman replied, taking a few seconds to consult his console on the calculations.

The Captain nodded. At least they wouldn't loose much time in taking on this new arrival. "Helm, slow to impulse." His gaze moved from the CONN on his right to Ensign Chapman on his left. "Instruct the Drake to beam our new officer onboard and then have him report to my Ready Room." Max pushed himself out of his seat and walked forward, coming to a stop over the CONN Officer's left shoulder. "Once the transport is complete, get us back underway at maximum warp."

With his orders given, Captain Stafford retreated into the peace of his Ready Room to await this new officer and to find out what he could about them in available time.

Meanwhile, nursing a cup of Coffee, still a American human classic it occurred to Ensign August Olson, that the sixth months that he had been aboard the USS Drake. He hadn't spent even half the amount of time in the crew lounge has he had during this transfer to a new assignment. Since their skirmishes and patrols in the Beta Quadrant, he was sure he hadn't seen much of anything that hadn't come out of the holodeck or firing at their aft from the viewscreens.

But.. Now he was straight sailing to his home for the foreseeable future, the USS Cygnus and the Captain had been persistent that he needed the downtime. There he would join its senior staff as Chief Flight Control officer. That the ship itself had been dispatched with some haste and that he would be reporting to Captain Stafford;the ships commanding officer the moment he arrived.It would seem as if his adventure was only just beginning. Though he made a more meaningful mental note to send some messages home. Which he hated to admit he hadn't done in some time. Another to keep make sure his personal logs were up to date.

"Bridge to Olson, we have made contact with the USS Cygnus and are three minutes out. Prepare for transport", His comm whistled and a voice followed.

I guess this is it... As he walked through the ship; he listened as she dropped out of warp and hummed as she changed her vector to match the other Vessel. A few moments and they would be in a

A young crewman awaited him inside the transporter room and directed him to the pad, watching his cadence and being sure to keep his formality as if the fleet Admiral himself had been aboard. August shuffled into position..

"Energise", With a single word he was off to be met by another crewman on the other side. This time by way of vulcan-Ness. If such a thing existed, more sullen and abrupt than the other. It was clear that his information had been correct. The USS Cygnus had places to be.

"I don't suppose you have been aboard a nebula class before, sir?"

"No I haven't", he replied.

"Very well; follow me, the Captain is expecting you", and before he had finished they were already heading to the turbolifts, making sharp turns around corners. When the doors open the bridge opened up into a horseshoe ridge and a flurry of activity as the ship had already moved into warp. They passed by each station and from afar he glanced at each one;noticing the subtle differences between the Drake and Cygnus before stopping almost abruptly as they began.

August took a few moments to compose himself and adjust his dress. Aware that it had been creased from sitting down, and that he soon may not be making the best first impression. He quickly realised, it had been a few seconds longer and he couldn't keep the new commanding officer waiting.

Thus with one final breath and he stepped in, the ready room opening up to him.

He here we go he thought. Full steam ahead.

Captain Stafford set the PADD to one side as the young Ensign stepped into the ready room. He'd managed to track down a copy of Olson's service record and have a quick read through it. Since the new Chief CONN Officer was a recent Academy graduate, that hadn't taken long. Max stood and extended a hand across his desk as Olson approached the desk. "Welcome aboard the Cygnus, Ensign Olson."

Ensign Olson stepped forward extended his hand to great the Captain, raising a smile to meet the captains gaze. “Thank you Sir, Glad to be here. This is my second assignment and my first on a large vessel. I hope I do the post the justice it deserves.” August was sure that Captain had heard the same speal a hundred times before; but in his mind he felt as if it was worth saying. The Cygnus was a different class of vessel, with a vastly different mission and in an important role. He could only hope that he would meet the expectations of his commanding officer.
“I understand that I’ve met you on route to an assignment sir?”. He thought it best to keep to the task at hand.

"You have." Stafford confirmed as he sat down, motioned for the Ensign to take a seat. "We've been instructed to evacuate a colony that's days away from being struck by an asteroid. Unfortunately that means throwing you into the deep end. In addition to running the transporters, I also want our shuttles and runabouts flying and bringing people up."

The moment the captain finished speaking, his mind began to work overtime catching up on the situation ahead. If he was right, things were about to get busy.

"Aye sir. I could coordinate with Ops and have the hanger and a shuttle team standing by as soon as we enter the sector."
As much as it was standard protocol to coordinate their efforts, the size and coordination of a a relief effort of any size would have even a single section working overtime. He really was being thrown into the deep end. As this was his first major assignment and also new to the crew he decided to press the captain a little more. Even just to make sure he was clear on his expectations.

"And will I be overseeing the teams from the bridge or do you want me in the Pits sir?"

Stafford leaned back in his chair. He was glad to see the Ensign's mind already working on the flight operations that would be required to achieve their mission. "That's up to you, but I doubt there'll be much for you to do while we sit in orbit so you may be better on the flight deck or flying mission to and from the planets surface."

"The people of this colony left the Federation over a century ago." The Captain continued. He needed to prepare Olson for the cold reception they were expecting. "They didn't want anything to do with the Federation and we've had very little contact from them since. Don't expect them to roll out the welcome mat for you."

"I understand sir.And with the transport to their planet to a packed Starfleet vessel, we could be dealing with some resistance. I'll have the team prepared for the reality they could be facing when they hit the tarmac."

The captain had given August much to think abou and though he had a lot of questions, he didn't want to take up too much of his time. The way the Captain had described the mission had left him with little doubt that he wouldn't be sat on the bridge between then and arriving to the Colony.

"With your permission sir,I'll leave the on duty FCO in his position and gather my thoughts for the mission."

He paused and shifted himself in his seat, before continuing. This time asking the Captain more directly for specific permission. It was afterall his ship and crew to which he know belonged, and would soon be caretaking.

" In the meantime Sir, I'd like to make sure the official formalities are met. Finding my quarters, Meeting the Medical officer and reporting to the first officer ready to begin my assignment before getting to the flight deck. I was hoping to have your permission to get situated on the ship officially."

Maxwell remembered well being a young officer, fresh out of the Academy and eager to get to work. "Permission granted, Ensign." He gave a sharp nod, silently bringing the meeting to an end.

A Joint Post By:

Captain Maxwell Stafford
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Cygnus


Ensign August Olson
Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Cygnus


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