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Crash Course

Posted on Sat Mar 6th, 2021 @ 3:24am by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Ensign August Olson Mr

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Timeline: Mission Day 1 | Approx 18:40 Ship Time “Immediately after New Arrival”


Vaat stacked the Padds neatly on the lab table, two stacks of four, and picked them up carefully, bending down slightly so he could pull them to his chest and cradle them in his arms. He had spent the last two hours compiling the information and organizing it in excruciating detail.

Fully secure, he turned and headed out of Science Lab 3, destined for the Executive Officers Office. As he stepped out of the Lab, his mind on the thought that, somewhere on this ship was the office of Chief Science Officer, he just didn't know where, he suddenly collided with an unmovable object, sending the contents of his arms, so neatly stacked and organized, scattering to the deck, with his body following shortly thereafter.

August had been dismissed from the Captains ready room and had been wandering the decks, the immeasurable difference of the ship dawning on him as he walked. His crew quarters were supposedly close by and he had hoped to make a change of clothes and a quick wash before making some quick check ins with some of the staff. It was customary to attend to sickbay for a physical and on larger ships the counsellor, and he had already met the commanding officer without a change of dress, and he dare not repeat the same throughout the ship.

The main computer had given him some rough directions but with the noticeable difference in crew compliment and the intensified, he was sure that he was on the wrong deck.. lost. On turning the corner, a sudden thud complimented by the sound of dispersing equipment. His timing hadn’t been fortunate and August had no chance to help the Bajoran from falling but in the moment had moved into a jog to help the aftermath. If anything, meeting a new crew mate could help at the very least help him find his way. The sound had been a number of Padds dropping to the floor.

Kneeling down to meet his current level ;Olson picked up a couple turned them over to check for damage and reached out with his other hand to assist.

“Are you okay? I watched the fall as I rounded the corner.”

Lisald looked up at the man, then to the Padd in his hand and felt his heart sink. “I’m fine, Ensign. Doesn’t appear that my work is, though,” he said, taking the proffered hand and standing back up. He took the Padd, inspected it, then began picking up the other Padds. “I swear by the Prophets, I had this all organized and ready to go. What's your name?” Lisald asked, and immediately realized it came out much harsher than he intended. He paused, inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. “Sorry. Im Lisald Vaat,” he said, softer and with patience.

August could sense the mild sadness in the voice of the Bajoran who had introduced himself as Lisald Vaat. His uniform indicated that he was a lieutenant junior Grade, while his colours spoke of the science department. Perhaps even the Chief science officer, either way the man out ranked him and given the amount of PADDs he carried, assumingly very dedicated to his position. The ensign couldn’t help feel a little bat for the Bajoran, who was now much calmer and asking after him.

“Ensign Olson, Sir. I’m the new Chief FCO, I arrived on the defiant class that just entered warp.”

He took a short pause; and under the circumstances decided to admit to his own predicament, even if to allow the lieutenant to forget about his own for a moment.
“Truthfully I’m more than a little lost. This ship is bigger than I’m used to. More crew to and I can’t seem to find my quarters.” He Chuckled shyly. He had after all admitted his naïveté to a senior officer.

“No problem, Mr. Olson. The ship is rather large and a bit of a maze; I could see how someone could get lost.” Lisald nodded, remembering his own time, right after coming aboard, of getting lost on the ship. However, Lisald had the sense enough to not admit that, to anyone. Even then, he took great compassion on the Ensign. "What is your assigned quarters? And what in the name of the Celestial Temple is a FCO?” He took the last Padd from the Ensign and began to look at them and try to organize them again.

“Chief Flight Control Officer.. I’ll be running the helm and shuttles during the evacuation.” August stood up, and took a look around to answer the other questions to see if he could find his bearings again. “ As for accommodation, according to the operations orders I’ll be bunking with another senior officer to make some space. Maybe I’ll have to check in with ops and have them remind me?”. He asked quizzically. It genuinely was a question, he had little interest in asking a second time, save the embarrassment.

“I don’t think that would be necessary,” Lisald said. Then, without prompting, he asked the computer. “Computer, what quarters are assigned to Ensign Olsen, Chief Flight Control Officer?”

The computer chirruped for a second, then responded. ”Ensign August Olson is temporarily assigned to Quarters 3-S, Deck 3, Senior Officers Quarters.”

Lisald slowly looked back down to Ensign Olson. “Those are my quarters…” he said, trailing off.

August thought for a moment. What the Bajoran was saying was they were about to sharing quarters and should be getting pretty well acquainted. However judging by the work he was already carrying it was unlikely he would be getting much sleep.
Though he couldn't know for sure. "You seem busy Sir. Does this have anything to do with the current mission?"

"More than you can imagine, I would think," Lisald said with a wry smile. "Seeing as you are a Chief, you will hear all about it in the next Senior Staff meeting, I imagine. I am just on my way to report my findings to the Captain and First Officer." Shifting gears, he continued. " quarters are on deck three, Ensign. Two decks above. When you get into the tubolift, just ask for Deck 3, Senior Officers Quarters and it will take you to the right spot. Once you come out of the turbolifts, go past two intersections, and on the third, take a right. Go down to the next intersection and take a left. From there, you will go down two more intersections and take another right. Our quarters are on the right, third door down. Easy to find," Lisald said rapidly.

August listened and managed to keep up. Hearing where things were made him feel a little at ease, and as he know knew where his quarters were. Wished to head there as soon as possible. "Perhaps I should leave you to it? Unless I can help in any way?"

Vaat smiled at his new bunkmate, but shook his head, the weight of the misshapen PADDs in his arms a very real reminder that any more help would put him behind some more. "No, thank you Ensign. That was very kind. I look forward to getting to know you more soon, though. Now, if you'd excuse me," he said, continuing on towards the Bridge.


Another exciting installment from:

Ensign August Olson
Chief Flight Control Officer
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Lieutenant (jg) Lisald Vaat
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