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The Morning After

Posted on Fri Jul 23rd, 2021 @ 4:10pm by Commander Helena Pope & Captain Maxwell Stafford & Lieutenant Commander Angus McTavish & Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD & Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Ensign Albert Spangler

Mission: Episode 3: Search and Rescue
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 06 | 0745

Helena arrived early for the start shift, meaning she was on the bridge relieving the very tired looking duty officer before the arrival of the rest of the senior staff.

The reception had been as well received as could be, despite a few comments from the Gul and his staff the evening had ended with the Cygnus crew relatively unscaved. She had made a mental note to talk to Lurae regarding the mental health of the crew.

Receiving the report from the duty officer she relieved them to go get some rest and settled into the big chair.

A few moments later, Lisald Vaat, Chief Operations Officer, stepped off Turbolift 2, from the Port Aft of the Bridge, wearing a very confused look on his face, his mind clearly very occupied. As he made his way to Science Station 1, he realized what he was doing and stopped immediately, his brain taking a moment extra to compute what was going on. Shaking his head, he adjusted course and headed for the fore of the Bridge, and to his newest post. Along the way, he mumbled the Greeting of the Day to his superior, Commander Pope.

"Morning Lieutenant, how are you feeling?" Helena said to the Ops Chief, she had continued to be impressed with his work and growth with each new challenge they gave him.

Lisald turned his head half way around, just enough to see the Commander sitting in the Center Seat out of his peripheral. “I’ve certainly had better mornings, Commander, thanks for checking on me.” He turned back around, his mind still reeling.


It felt like monkeys were fighting over a bag of bowling balls inside Spangler's head. He had been double fisting mineral water and coffee staring at the console in his office, retaining only the coffee as he headed towards the bridge. He wasn't particularly fond of Bridge duty; partially because he was still trying to figure out what he was doing there. If it weren't for the ongoing mission he might have tried to delegate to literally anyone in a similarly colored uniform.

Albert quietly entered the bridge, the slight noise from the sliding doors rebounding much louder in his head. He put on his best poker face and took his position at the science console.

The turbolift doors opened again and Elodin strolled onto the Bridge, carrying his medkit. "House call," he called out to no one in particular, flipping open his tricorder. He walked over to Commander Pope first. "Figured everyone could use a quick check-up, after last night." He waved a hypospray. "Electrolytes. The key to getting rid of a hangover."

Helena laughed, "Not sure we should be alleviating the self inflected injuries." She said as the Doctor scanned her.

"Personally I think the Cardassians spiked the Qa'nar, so those injuries can't really be described as self-inflicted," replied Elodin as he adjusted the dosage to the readings he was getting from Pope, and administered a shot of electrolytes coupled with a mild painkiller to help treat the headaches. At his station at Ops, Lisald heard the banter and gritted his teeth. Was everyone on this ship prejudiced simply because of a person's species?!

He waited a few seconds for the shot to take effect and looked at her. "Better?" he asked.

"Thanks Doc." Pope said with a smile.

Elodin smiled back, and silently walked over to Spangler, scanning the junior officer. "How's the headache, Ensign?"

Albert hesitated, his embarrassment showing. He'd not been looking forward to this moment. "I've been worse." He considered his words carefully, lowering his voice. "I.. owe you an apology. I spoke out of pure cynicism, and my words were callous and insensitive. I'm sorry, Doctor."

Elodin adjusted the dosage on the hypospray and pressed it to Spangler's neck. "Apology accepted," he said simply, before moving on to the next patient.


The Ops station chirruped in front of Lisald. Reviewing it, he turned his head again. "Commander, incoming hail from the Lakarian City. Should I put it on screen?"

"What fresh hell." She said under breath. "On screen Lieutenant." She said plastering a smile on. The screen flickered. "Ah Gul Telar to what do we owe the pleasure."

"Commander Pope, the Captain sleeping in?" Telar sneared.

"Was there something you need Telar?" Pope replied ignoring the comment.

"We received some updated long range scan data. We're sending it to you now." Telar said gesturing to an officer. A moment later the Ops consol chirped again. "We've begun analyzing it, it has allowed us to narrow down the last known coordinates of our missing ship."

Pope nodded, "Thank you, we'll begin analyzing it as well." Telar nodded and closed the channel.

"Lisald and Spangler I'd like you to take point on the analysis, anything it can tell us is helpful." Pope said.

Lisald pushed his console forward and got up from his station. "Aye, Commander," making his way back to Ensign Spangler and Science Station 1.

In his Ready Room, Captain Stafford took a deep sniff of the mug of black coffee in his hand. He'd had a few too many drinks the previous evening, he'd needed them just to make nice with the Cardassians, and was paying for it now. This would be his first hungover duty shift as Captain. It would make for an interesting day, though probably not a fun one.

The Captain finally pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. He took a large swig of his lukewarm coffee and gulped it down, his face contorting in disgust at the bitter taste. "I hate coffee." He mused out loud to the empty room as he placed the mug on his desk. After taking a few seconds to compose himself and adjust his uniform, Captain Stafford emerged on the Bridge. "Morning, Doc." Max was aiming for a bright and easy tone but was sure that he failed.

"Good morning Captain," replied Elodin, as he walked up to Maxwell with his tricorder flipped open. "How is the stampede in your head?"

The Captain rubbed his temple. "Like the bulls of Pamplona have been supercharged before being let loose."


The scan data began to appear on the the science console. Albert nodded to his former boss, before going to work cleaning up the Cardassian report. "Good amount of data here." Albert half looked at Lisald, "We might want to take a better look at this later. Could give us some insight on the state of their scanner tech."

Vaat nodded, impressed with the recommendation; he was not sure if he would have thought to do that. “Excellent idea, Al,” he said loud enough for the Executive Officer to hear. He wanted to be sure to give every credit to him where it was due. He tapped a few commands into Science Station 2, pulling up the scans and archiving them for later deep analysis as Ensign Spangler had suggested. Then, looking over the scans, he pointed at a spot. “Hey, do you see this? Extremely interesting,” he said, showing it to Spangler.

Spangler isolated the spot, adjusting the radiation spectrum scale to locate the anomaly. The terminal translated this to a screen full of numbers, which gave them something to work with. He looked around the room vaguely before speaking to no one in particular, "They definitely found something." Albert said, relaying the coordinates. "There is a field there, doesn't match naturally occurring radiation. I don't know what it is, but something is there."

Lisald nodded, then pointed at another data string. "Look at this," he said to Spangler. "I think that may be why shielding, sensors and communications are being affected. We should go to Science Lab One and run some experiments, with the Captain's permission, of course," he concluded, looking to the Captain.

The Captain gave a nod to his Chief of Operations.

"Doctor Cohen to Doctor Elodin and Commander McTavish, can you meet me in Engineering at your earliest convenience we've got some leads on our work to insulate the hull." The voice of the Chief Engineer came over the comm.

Commander McTavish looked over to Doctor Elodin, "We are on our way.

"Thanks." Came the response from Engineering. As the two officers headed for the turbolift.


I wrapped this one up to get it out, we've got some groups with different tasks. Jeela I'll start a Pope JP with ya this weekend. Ops/Science let me know if you'd like an extra for your JP on the sensor data, we can do a briefing one after or I can NPC a science officer or something.

Post Ideas
Ops / Science - analysis the data, we should narrow down our starting point of the search, perhaps a clue or two to what happened, also help engineering with shielding
Eng / Tac / Med - develop a method of shielding us from some of the radiation we expect, (I think we put McT on this but if not you are now :p) medical could maybe develop something that will stave off what we can shield for
Counselling - meet with the XO to discuss how the crew is holding up

Open - interaction with Sular, meet with the CO or XO, if anyone feels they need ideas or a JP to get rolling please let the Captain or I know and we'd be happy to help.


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