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Science and Ops Collaborate

Posted on Thu Aug 26th, 2021 @ 1:24am by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Ensign Albert Spangler

Mission: Episode 3: Search and Rescue
Location: Science Lab 3
Timeline: MD6 | 1000 hours

Science Lab 3
A little more than two hours after "The Morning After"

(Notes for this post: Gamma Rays, Ensign T'Rang, Cardie Scanner technology, field of radiation, Lakarian City specs, USS Neso, Power consumption, anything you want to add, Andy)

"These readings aren't as detailed as I need," Lisald said, "Though I suppose it is better than nothing." He was referring to the sensor logs that had been given to them from the Cardassian ship Lakarian City. "Take a look at this," he said to Spangler, who, incidentally was already looking at the same data that Lisald had been looking at. "It looks almost -too- perfect to be natually occurring, doesn't it?"

"That's one way to put it." Albert leaned back, breathing in deep with his eyes closed. It felt like he'd spent an eternity trying to refine the sensor readings. "So far the only thing I can say for sure is that this data was altered. How and why, well..." Spangler trailed off with a dismissive wave.

"Its a start," the Lieutenant said, sitting back and grabbing his tea, taking a long pull from it. "Is there any way, that you can think of, to see if this was of Cardassian doing, or if it was something from the Federation?" Lisald saw the look Ensign Spangler gave him, then smiled. "Remember in the Senior Staff meeting, I said I had a friend on the USS Neso. I am only theorizing that maybe she is sending coded information. It could very well be something the Cardassians are doing to keep information from us," he went on.

"While I have little doubt the Cardassians are trying to hide something from us, it's probably an attempt to hide their capabilities, or lack there of." Albert tilted his head to the side slightly, he didn't actually remember. "Who do you know on the Neso?"

Vaat looked over at his friend.  “Ensign T’Rang,” he said, in way of explanation.  While Vaat and Spangler didn’t know each other from the Academy, the two were there at the same time.  “Went to the Academy with her.  Come to think of it, you may know her, too.  Tall Vulcan, pointy ears, no sense of humor, you know her, for sure.”  When the blank look from Spangler came back at him, he continued.  “Black hair?  Green eyes?  Very nice, very round, very firm bre…”  the computer chirruped right in the middle of his sentence, an analysis completed, getting both of their attention.  “Huh, looks like you were right, Al.  The Cardassians are trying to hide the fact their sensors aren’t much better than radar.  What do you make of this,” he asked, pointing at the data set.

The blank expression hadn't left the Ensign’s face. He did in fact know her; he'd tried hard to forget the name, but hearing Lisald say it out loud made it clear he hadn't. "It, uh.." Albert actually looked at the screen for the first time, "It looks like.. we need to get our own eyes on whatever that is." He leaned back again, his mind still wandering from the subject at hand. He sprung back up, looking at Vaat. "You remember those Class IX probes we reprogrammed? Now that we have a spot to send 'em, we could set up the sensor arrays to focus right there."

Lisald nodded. "Yeah, I think that could work. We would have to shield it for the Delta radiation and localized interference here. I'm sure we would have to let the Cardassians know about it, share all the schematics from it, share the readings we get back, blah blah blah, but that would be something the Commander and Captain would deal with, I think. Certainly nothing on our level." He thought about it for a moment. "Pretty sure we would have to add a supplementary power supply in there, just for all the shielding. Maybe a Class II fusion reactor?"

Albert shrugged. "That'd work. We could probably get by with some supplemental batteries and limiting the scanners to what we are specifically looking for." He tapped the screen, rotating the image with a raised eyebrow and a slightly protruding tongue. "If you get it just right.. do you see what I see?"

Vaat looked at the screen, squinted, cocked his head, and blurred his vision to see whatever it was that Spangler was seeing, but saw nothing other than what they had already been looking at and discussing.  After a moment, he shook his head.  "I don't.  What do you see?"

The expression on Spangler's face went flat, eyes wide as he lightly pressed his hand on the screen. "It's a turkey." Albert slowly turned to his Bajoran cohort. "Gobble, gobble."

Lisald laughed out loud, then lightly punched the shoulder of the Human. "Good Prophets, Albert, you really had me going there! I swear by all that is holy that the Pah-Wraiths smite you where you sit. I genuinely thought there was something there," he said, chuckling. As he smiled, looking at the display, something occurred to him. "Hey, what if we interfere the interference? I mean, maybe pass the scan through an aluminum barrier?" The idea came to him because of Albert gobbling, which got him to thinking of an aluminum pan that was used to cook a turkey, and how the radiant heat helped to cook things that were there, just couldn't readily see.

"Interfere.. the inter..." Albert started to repeat the sentence slowly, but it still made his head hurt. Even then, the idea had merit. "I'm not sure
of aluminum. But what about a mirror of sorts? Electromagnetic energy will reflect, but the Gamma radiation will pass through. It won't be great, but it'll find us what we're looking for."

Lisald nodded. "That is a much better idea, and much easier to deploy than what I was suggesting. I'll go coordinate things on the Bridge while you get to the shuttlebay to construct the mirror. Use whatever resources you need to make it happen; I'll approve, or get approval, for whatever you need." Lisald saw in the Ensigns eyes the power he was just given making him drunk with it. "Easy there killer, only as far as the mission dictates," he said, smiling.


Written by

Ensign Albert Spangler
Chief Science Officer


Lieutenant junior grade Lisald Vaat
Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Cygnus


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