Star Trek: Cygnus


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Operational Challenges

Posted on Tue Nov 23rd, 2021 @ 8:19pm by Ensign Veenak

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Location: Deck 7, Section 4

Deck Seven, Section Four
USS Cygnus

Veenak gritted her teeth in anger/frustration, then shook her head and looked back at the Duty Orders Screen set by her immediate commanding officer and department head, Lieutenant Lisald Vaat. "For real," she said indignantly to the room at large, "What the hell does he expect?! A miracle?!"

Petty Officer Ellwood, one of the Yeomen on the ship, responded. "It is an incredible amount of work, ma'am, but it can be done. We will just have to hurry, it looks," he said, running his finger down the list of duties to be performed today, on top of their normal duty assignments.

Veenak huffed at the Petty Officer and plunked herself down in one of the chairs provided in the room. "He has literally never done any of these tasks. He doesn't know how long each of them take, or how difficult they are," she whined.

"Maybe, but he is the Department Head. He got into that position for a reason, surely."

Veenak snorted, then sat up and leaned towards the still standing Petty Officer. "Yeah, let me tell you about that, Ellwood. He came aboard a few weeks after I did as an Ensign fresh out of the Academy. This is my second, second assignment," she emphasized. "He told me all about it. He was in a science lab working on some science gadget when our illustrious Captain walked in on him. Of course, the Captain was just the First Officer then, and Lisald," she said, the word dripping with contempt, "Was just some random Scientist, not even an Assistant Department Head. Within weeks, he was Assistant Chief Science Officer acting like the Chief Science Officer, or at very least taking all the credit for that spot. He even boasted about it to me, Roberts, and Jin'Tok! Suddenly he was promoted to Lieutenant, and given the Chief spot permanently, then to top it off, a few weeks later, he was Chief of Operations," she exasperated.

Ellwood nodded. He had heard this story before, and parroted what he usually said. "I am sure he earned it somehow."

Veenak waved her hand at the Petty Officer dismissively, knowing what he would say. "Bah! You and I both know he kissed ass to get to where he was." She looked at the duty list again from her seat. "Seriously man, you have got to be kidding me. He used to be my friend. We laughed together, lived in the same quarters together, hung out together. How could he do this to me?"

Ellwood furrowed his brow a bit. "To you? Do you think he is laying down such a grueling workload because of you?" It was a genuine question.

"It has to be! Ensign Sohino," she said, referring to the former Chief of Operations, "Never had this much work to do, day after day, and certainly not right on the heels of a Starbase refitting! And to top it off, we are setting out to Jah knows where, so there is plenty of work to be done, without all of that," she gestured forcefully to the duty assignment board.

Trying to play Devil's Advocate, Ellwood responded cautiously. "You could be onto something about him never having done this type of work before. Its a shame we are so understaffed that we don't have an Assistant Chief to help him out and inform him of the challenges we face down here."

Veenak's pointy ears perked up at that. She had never thought about it that way before.

"Then again," Ellwood continued, "It could be the Executive Officer or the Captain that is directing him to push us so hard..."

Veenak was no longer listening. She suddenly had her eyes on the 2IC position in the Department.

Ensign Veenak
Operations Officer
USS Cygnus


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