Star Trek: Cygnus


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Nice to Meet You

Posted on Mon Dec 6th, 2021 @ 6:54am by Lieutenant JG James Carson & Ensign Albert Spangler

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Location: Boarding Cygnus from DS9
Timeline: Prior to departing DS9

Spangler felt accomplished, the majority of shoreleave had been spent negotiating to have equipment repaired or replaced in his labs, some of which never had worked properly, and obtaining... "lab supplies." In any case, he'd managed to obtain all he had sought. It was a good day.

Lieutenant Carson had just finished clearing his desk, giving everything one last clean for it's next occupant. He hadn't much time for goodbyes as the orders came down the day before his new ship was to leave port. As much as he enjoyed his role on the station, James couldn't help but smile about being back on a ship. He approached the Cygnus' berthing, orders ready in hand.

James stopped at the viewport facing the Nebula class cruiser, joining a teal-clad Ensign who was staring out, grinning like a loon. "Are you from the Cygnus?" He asked, gesturing to the brightly illuminated craft.

The words popped the happy bubble in Albert's mind. "Yea, I-" He stopped, an eyebrow lowered as he took in the obvious Security type standing next to him. "why uh.. why do you ask?"

"I've the new Assistant C-SEC." He held out his hand to his new crewmate. "James Carson."

Spangler shook the man's hand. "Pleasure." He looked back to the ship, choosing to forget to introduce himself. "Well, welcome aboard Lieutenant Carson. I'm going to head aboard, maybe I'll see you around."

"Me too; I'll join you!" James said to Spangler's back, as the scientist had already started to walk away before he had time to speak. Carson caught up to his reluctant companion as they turned down the gangway towards the ship. The brief small-talk wasn't particularly noteworthy as they were cleared through by the security officer standing guard. Carson stopped to look through his orders; he'd need to find his quarters, report for duty, and get to work. He turned to his new friend.. aquaintance? Crewmate? "Can you show me where-" James stopped as he looked up, realizing he was talking to an empty corridor. Where the hell did that guy go?

"Nice.. to meet you.. I guess."

An awkward introduction of multiple personalities from yours truly,

Ensign Albert Spangler
Acting Chief Science Officer


Lieutenant, Junior Grade James Carson
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer


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