Star Trek: Cygnus


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Time will tell

Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 1:58am by Lieutenant JG Erica Anderson

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Location: Runabout Adelphi
Timeline: MD01 | 1345

Erica sighed as she leant back in the pilots chair of the Adelphi, reading the latest technical manual on the USS Cygnus, her new assignment. She wasn't thrilled to be given the assignment, but at the same time, she was happy to be on a different assignment.

Still, she felt angry at the way she had been given the assignment, just told she was to take a runabout to the Cygnus, a Nebula class ship that needed a Chief Engineer. She had been intending to get a posting on a different ship, but of course, she was a Starfleet Officer, and knew she had to go where she was told.

"Go here, go there," Erica muttered, rolling her eyes. She stood up, and looked at the back of the runabout, which was empty. "Not that anyone cares what I think. They don't care about my routine, or my schedule. I was supposed to be working on my engineering designs, and my newest ideas for a better impulse engine of course," Erica was bitter as she spoke, pacing around the runabout cockpit. The runabout was needed, of course, on the ship, so it made sense that she would deliver it and herself.

She had set up a training dummy in the cockpit to train with during the journey, which had taken too long, in her opinion, but she wouldn't be at the ship for more hours, if not a day. She began a simple attack routine, basic Klingon Martial Arts, running through the moves. It was one of the few things she could do that calmed her mind. Archery was another, but she didn't have room to set up a target with her bow and arrows. She had her bow, naturally, one she designed, based on old comic book movies, with trick arrows, as best she could, of course.

She remembered a battle with pirates where they had used energy dampeners to stop the weapons of the fleet offers, and the first time she had fired an arrow into the face of one of the pirates, they had frozen in shock and fear. That had helped the crew launch their attack, and probably the reason she was put up for a promotion.

Why was she chosen for a CEO? She hadn't made enough friends, for sure, and she wasn't exactly chief material. What had her fellow engineers called her? Ice Queen? Cold Bitch? She wasn't either of them, but she didn't want to get to know people. Mary had proven why getting close to people was a stupid idea.

Still, being a Chief Engineer had some advantages. She could set the assignments, she could do what was needed, but would the people listen to her? She had to make sure they did.

Still, she needed to make a new routine, for herself. She had already decided on several routines, but she needed to pick one. She had accessed the crew list of the Cygnus, and she knew what skills people had. She hadn't met them, but would that matter? Would meeting them be important? She had no idea, but she was ready to find out.

Still, as she kicked the target, she knew she'd meet with some resistance. Still, she didn't care too much. She would find a way to make the ship a better place, even if she made some enemies.

Of course, making enemies was a bad idea, especially if she wanted people to trust her, but time would tell how things went for her.

Time would tell.


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