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Time to Explore

Posted on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 @ 8:09pm by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Commander Helena Pope & Ensign Albert Spangler

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: MD 02 | 14:40


The staff briefing for their next mission had just wrapped up, and Pope had asked Lisald and Spangler to stay back and go over the survey plan. "Anything?" She asked the two gesturing to the replicator as she ordered herself a fresh mug of tea.

Lisald was the first to speak up. "Tarkalian Tea for me, please." He then looked to his friend Spangler, expectant.

The look of hopeful expectation from his former chief made Spangler uncomfortable, as it often did. The sheer optimism made him queasy. "Coffee, Commander. Thank you." Albert still hadn't gotten use to the various briefings he was expected to attend, but the caffeine would certainly help.

She brought the two officers their drinks and returned a moment later with her own. "So, after we drop off the supplies to the Calgary we begin the charting mission. We're be exploring the first three sectors of the region, along the galactic arm rimward of the Cardassian Union. We believe Cardassians may have scouted them about 15 years ago but they had no information that we're willing to share. What do we know about the area?"

Lisald opened his mouth, but before a single syllable escaped, he remembered he was the Chief of Operations now, not the Chief Science Officer. His mouth shut, his teeth clacking together audibly, and painfully. He winced, then looked to the Chief Science Officer of the Cygnus and waited for him to answer.

Spangler stared at the Bajoran for a moment, mouth slightly agape. "Did you.." He mumbled, wondering if the man just bit his tongue. Albert slowly turned back to the Commander, the look of concern and confusion fading slightly. "Uh.." He glance back at Lisald briefly before continuing, "Well. Not a whole lot, I'm afraid. Not much past educated guesses and supposition. I'd be willing to bet the Cardassians aren't sharing because even their data is incomplete or too old to be relevant."

"What do we know from long-range scans?" Pope asked.

Vaat spoke this time. "We are able to scan ahead through 4 of the 10 sectors we are tasked to explore and catalogue. In these ten sectors, we have detected a class IV comet and two class VI comets. I am really excited to get up close and personal with these comets and map out the trajectory and analyze their composition." The scientist in him had thoroughly taken over. "Oh, and the space-dust in the region ahead of us is 2 parts per million, well below what we would expect." Lisald continued to get more excited. "We've also detected numerous planets. So far, we have detected," he paused and looked at his personal computer, "12 class D rocky planets devoid of any flora and fauna that we can detect, almost a thousand moons, two class H planets, which we all know are highly irradiated, nine class J gas giant planets, more than 60 class K planets, which would be ripe for Federation colonies using artificial biodomes, like those that are found on Bajor IX-A or on Luna, 47 class L planets," the air finally running out of his lungs, he took a deep breath and continued, "Full of flora but no fauna. Get this, twenty-two class M planets, like Bajor and Earth, and interestingly enough, four class Y demon planets, all in the same star system. Commander, we could catalogue and explore these regions of space for decades to come! There are an inordinate amount of planets suitable for habitation. If it turns out there are any civilizations, that will open up for a great deal more exploration, discovery and knowledge!" Vaat was nearly vibrating in his chair. "Mr. Spangler, have you detected any sort of civilizations?"

"The short answer is.. yes. Until we get a bit closer, how many and how advanced is hard to say. But the potential is there for any number of societies." Spangler continued, gesturing vaguely, "Someone out there has at least figured out space travel. Can't say for sure what it was but long range sensors did pick up distortions consistent with warp capable engines."

"So there are at least a few warp-capable species in the area, we'll make sure the Captain and I brush up on our first contact protocols." Pope said with a smile.

Spangler nodded, making mental images of what was out there. "If they are, I wonder why they've kept to themselves all this time. And the Cardassians have left them alone."

Lisald sat back in his chair, smiling big. "Isn't that the whole reason we are out here? To explore. To learn. To understand! This is going to be an amazing mission," he said, his eyes wide and full of sparkle. "I hope we get to study these civilizations in some detail!" This was the whole reason he left Bajor to begin with, and got into Starfleet, to study new civilizations and new life.

Spangler leaned towards his friend, lowering his voice slightly. "Let's take it down a good 15, maybe 20 percent there, fella."

Lisald looked to his friend, confusion on his face. He nodded, feigning understanding. He was sure, however, that he had no idea what needed to be taken down 15 or 20 percent. Indeed, that quip would cause Vaat to lay awake in bed later tonight, going over the meeting in his mind over and over again, not sure at all what Spangler was talking about.

After several moments of silence, and their task of first contact with several species seemingly in front of them, Pope dismissed the group to start preparing for the work ahead. As for Lisald, he relished in the prospect of being able to study these people, their history and culture, up close and personal.

A JP by

Commander Helena Pope
Executive Officer

Lieutenant jg Lisald Vaat
Chief of Operations

Ensign Albert Spangler
Chief Science Officer


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