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Meeting of the Minds

Posted on Fri Jan 7th, 2022 @ 12:59am by Lieutenant JG Erica Anderson & Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat

Mission: Episode 4: A Failure To Communicate
Location: Main Engineering, USS Cygnus


Lisald stepped off the turbolift and was spilled directly into Main Engineering. One of the wonderful things that Vaat loved about Starfleet vessels was that the turbolift systems were designed in such a way to get the crew to the vital points of the ship in a hurry, without the need to dash to the most sensitive areas of the vessel during crisis modes.

Looking around for Lieutenant Cohen and coming up short, his eyes fell upon another Lieutenant, this one a junior grade, like himself, that he had never seen before. It wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility that he didn't know everyone aboard, but he was the Chief of Operations, and one of the things that was his responsibility was billeting, that is, quarters assignments. Sure, a lot of the time one of the Chief Petty Officers in his department took care of it, but Lisald always, and he meant always, looked over the quarters assignments given out, and took care to at least look at the crew dossier of the crewmembers assigned. This one stumped him. So, his scientific curiosity getting the better of him, he approached her.

"Good morning Lieutenant. I was looking for Chief Engineer Cohen. Uh, you are?" he asked, the inflection in his voice friendly.

Erica had gotten up early, ran through her usual training program, and had enjoyed a simple breakfast. She always had the same thing weekly, and today had been porridge made with coconut milk, which always tasted nice.

She was working on her first task of the day, scanning through the primary computer core conduits, tracking down a minor malfunction in the replicator system she had noted and reported, which had changed an order of a piece of fruit to another. It didn't seem like a major problem, but Erica knew that big problems often started small. She had finally tracked it down when she was approached by an officer.

"I believe Lieutenant Cohen is currently dealing with an issue with the plasma manifolds," Erica said. "I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Erica Anderson, I just came aboard. You're Lieutenant Junior Grade Lisald Vaat, the Chief Operations Officer," Erica said politely.

Lisald blinked once in surprise. It was not often that he was caught this flat-footed. Sight unseen, she knew his name and his position on this ship, and she had only just come aboard. "You are the officer that brought the Runabout to us mid-flight, aren't you. Well, welcome aboard, Lieutenant! I know Lieutenant Cohen will be exceptionally glad you've come aboard," he alluded.

"Thank you, I certainly hope I can be of assistance aboard the Cygnus," Erica said. "I came aboard after I was recommended for the position here, although it did come as somewhat of a surprise, and as a rule, I'm not overly fond of surprises. It messes with my daily routine," Erica explained.

"High praise to be recommended for a position on a ship, Lieutenant," Lisald said. "As for me, I was assigned here fresh out of the Academy and have been here ever since." He then switched topics, at the same time shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "We aren't too high stakes here. Short of a few instances since I've been aboard, most things have been routine. I think you'll like it here."

"Thank you for saying so," Erica said. "I prefer a simple assignment where I can maintain my routine. I find it comforting to know what I'm doing, and how long I'm doing something. It makes my days go by simpler," she added.

Vaat snorted. "Yeah, it does do that for all of us, for sure. Would you do me a favor and let Lieutenant Cohen know I was here looking for her to continue our studies, and when she is ready, just shoot me a comm and let me know?"

"Of course," Erica said. "I'll do so as soon as I see her. What studies are you working on, if I may ask?"

Vaat's features lit up, smiling warmly. "Sure! Lieutenant Cohen is teaching me the finer points of Engineering. Before I was Chief of Operations," Vaat explained, "I was the Chief Science Officer, which is now held by Ensign Spangler. I'm a scientist by training and education, not someone that has a background in starship operations or engineering, which is what my position demands. The help that Lieutenant Cohen is giving me is filling in the gaps I have in my training and education, which will help me better perform my duties. Plus, it is giving me a leg up in my Starfleet Academy Command Extension Course I'm currently enrolled in." It was a mouthful, but Vaat was certain he was concise enough without being overly wordy or otherwise elementary.

Erica nodded in understanding. "If you need any further assistance, I would be open to helping you with some of what I know. I don't know much about the Command Extension Course, but I could provide enough information to help you learn," Erica offered.

Lisald did not expect this turn of events. "You know, I may just take you up on that someday. If ever you need anything, let me know. Nothing is off the table."

"Thank you, I appreciate that," Erica said, with a nod. "I might need some assistance soon; I have some modifications to make to my quarters, and would appreciate some assistance with the logistical side of them."

"That I can do," he said, emphasizing the statement with a point of his finger. "Whenever you are ready and have everything lined out and ready to start, send me your specifications, needs and plans, and I will run it through all of my handy-dandy programs. I'll even write up the requisition and approval forms for you," he added.

"I can have them to you within the next hour," Erica said, making some mental notes. "Shall I send them to your terminal or your quarters?"

"To my terminal, please. I'm due back on the Bridge shortly anyhow, so that will work out. Lieutenant Anderson, it was fantastic to meet you. Until later," he said, waving politely and heading back to the turbolift, and presumably, back to the Bridge.

Erica watched him leave and went back to her work, which included making the plans for her quarters, as well as tracking down the small error in the systems she had spotted.


A JP by:

Lieutenant Junior Grade Erica Anderson
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
USS Cygnus


Lieutenant junior grade Lisald Vaat
Chief of Operations
USS Cygnus


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