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Post 31 - Responsibilities

Posted on Tue Oct 13th, 2020 @ 4:40pm by Commander Helena Pope & Ensign Lisald Vaat

Mission: Episode 1: Clean Slate
Location: XO's Office | Deck 02
Timeline: MD 05


Helena was in her office and already at her work, she'd been monitoring the situation after the party and it seemed that most of the crew made it to report for their duty shift without incident. She had informed all DHs that she expected to be alert to any serious issues, but she hoped it wouldn't be needed.

Her first appointment was with the Science Chief, she asked him to report to her at the start of his shift to discuss the issue within the department during the drill.

Lisald just about pressed his thumb to the call plate, but hesitated. He looked down to make sure that his commbadge was on straight, and that his uniform wasn't bunching upwards at the waist. Smoothing out his uniform a bit more, he then pressed the call plate. An instant later, it opened and he stepped through the entryway and into the Commanders office. As he had done previously when called, he stopped three paces from the desk, came to attention and announced himself. He had no real idea, other than what the message said about the meeting going over concerns about the department. He had wracked his brain about what that could possibly mean and came up short. When he had first seen the summons, he thought for sure it would be about his performance, but nope, it was about the whole department.

"Ensign, good morning." She said gesturing to the empty seat, "Take a seat."

Vaat sat down in the indicated chair, relaxing considerably, and waited for the Commander to continue. He did not have to wait long.

"I assume you've read the department report from our battle drills. As I'm sure you noted there were some issues with junior members of your department." She said.

"Aye Commander, I did. First and foremost, allow me to apologize for the behavior of officers," he said, correcting himself. After his revelation last night before the party, he had amended himself to thinking that it wasn't him and then everyone else, that it was all of them in this together. "They are in my department, and my responsibility, and I take full ownership of it. Their failure is, ultimately, my failure. I will figure out how to correct this."

"Don't fall on your sword too fast Ensign, the Captain and I both understand your newness to the role. That being said, I will be planning a surprise drill for those involved tomorrow during their shift. The drill should be a surprise for them but I will leave it to your discretion to get them ready for it." Pope replied.

Vaat nodded, and understood what she was telling him, things she was saying without saying them. "Roger that, Commander. What sort of drill are you thinking about running? Anything I can help with?"

"It will be another surprise tactical drill specifically for the science teams that did not respond last time, hopefully, their reactions are better or they'll be going on report," Pope said.

Vaat nodded. "Got it. I think I have an excellent idea how to make that happen, Commander. In fact, I am quite positive that the next drill we have, or, Prophets forbid, an actual red alert happens, we will be at our stations and doing what needs to be done for our ship and shipmates." Vaat didnt know why he didn't think of this earlier. He just needed to have someone to sound things out on.

Helena nodded, "Good, let me know if you need anything." She said, "Unless there's anything else you're free to go."

"No ma'am, I am good," he said, standing. "Thank you for your help and your guidance." With that, he made his way out of the office and made a beeline direct for Science Lab 3.

A quick JP by:

Ensign Lisald Vaat
Assistant Chief Science Officer
'Acting' Chief Science Officer
USS Cygnus


Commander Helena Pope
Executive Officer
USS Cygnus


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