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Post 33 - Briefing En Route

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2020 @ 6:27pm by Captain Maxwell Stafford & Commander Helena Pope & Lieutenant Commander Alexandus Rex & Lieutenant Angus McTavish & Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD & Ensign Neshaa Sohino & Ensign Lisald Vaat & Lieutenant Commander Abrum Micca PhD

Mission: Episode 1: Clean Slate
Location: Observation Lounge | U.S.S. Cygnus
Timeline: Mission Day 5 | 1255 Hours

[U.S.S. Cygnus]
[Observation Lounge]
[Mission Day 5 | 1255 Hours]

It had been an eventful 28 hours since the Cygnus left Guardian Station. Thanks to Commander Pope's battle drills, each of the four shifts had been tested under combat conditions and given them a better idea of the crew's current strengths and weaknesses. In the coming days, weeks and months, the crew would work to tighten their responses.

With roughly 36 hours remaining until their scheduled arrival at Deneb IV, the Captain wanted to brief his senior officers on the particulars of this mission. Maxwell settled himself in at the head of the long table that dominated the observation lounge, a PADD and a cup of tea in front of him, and waited for the other senior officers to arrive.

Pope arrived first, and was actually surprised to see the Captain already waiting. She was used to Captain's that arrived right at the scheduled start of the meeting and usually expected the rest of the staff ready and waiting. "Captain." She said with a small nod, she stopped at the replicator and ordered a tea before taking a seat along the side of the table with the view out the windows.

Several moments later, Ensign Lisald Vaat stepped into the Observation Lounge. He had arrived early with the intention of taking in the sights and displays within the Observation Lounge. He stopped short, seeing the two most senior officers already sitting in there, both of them looking at him expectantly. Lisald, eyes wide, opened his mouth, then snapped it shut, a holdover of speaking only when spoken to by a senior officer at the Academy, then opened his mouth again to speak. It gave him a look very much akin to a fish in a fishbowl. A beat later, he found his voice. "Oh, uh, hi Captain, Commander," he said, referring to them. He stepped around the table and sat two seats down from the Captain, and on the opposite side from where the Executive Officer sat. He kept his head forward, but did his best to look around with his eyes only, and out of his peripheral vision. So many cool things in here to see! The old sextant, harkening back to the old seafaring days of all of their worlds, was present. A beautiful painting of the Cygus herself zooming through the stars, even a model of the Constellation Cygnus in relief as viewed from Earth, the namesake of this vessel. Vaat thought that was a nice touch, indeed.

Elodin Devan walked into the brifing room, eyes cast down on a data PaDD. Having arrived only a day ago, he was still reading up on the crew's medical profiles. The computer had been working wonders arranging the crew's medical records in order of priority, so that the more complex cases came up first, there was still a lot of reading to do.

He took a few steps into the room and finally looked up. "Good afternoon," he said to the room at large, before finding a seat at the table.

"Afternoon Doc." Helena replied with a small nod.

Micca strolled in next a PADD in one hand and a smear of grease half way up his exposed forearms, sleeves rolled back to the elbow. "Sorry had a crew repairing the secondary thruster assembly who didn't know the difference between a ion flux coupler and primary diversion valve."

Alexandus walked in right behind Micca. He appeared visibly stressed for a moment before he forced himself to clear the look from his face. He nodded to the room at large, giving the Captain a verbal "Captain." acknowledgement before finding his seat down the side of the table, locating the first open chair he could find. He had recently been educating a new helm officer on the controls of the ship and he, being a perfectionist, didn't have full confidence in the officer just yet.

Lieutenant Angus McTavish entered the briefing room. He approached the replicator and requested a black coffee and then took a seat next to the the Chief Engineer.

Neshaa was the last to arrive, but found herself unable to pass by the replicator. She was starving, not having eaten since before beaming aboard the ship that morning, but realized it was likely inappropriate to order anything other than a beverage. Settling on a clamato juice that would likely be savory enough to get her through the meeting and then the search for the nearest messhall, the Ops Chief quickly took her seat and turned her full attention to the captain.

With the ships senior officers gathered, Maxwell began his briefing. Tapping a command into his PADD, the large screen along the long wall came to life with an image of a planetary starbase. "Our job is simple. We are to ferry Rear Admiral Hayden to Deneb IV, where she will conclude negotiations for Starfleet to resume Starfleet's administration of Farpoint Station. The Bandi took over the running of Farpoint themselves when Starfleet withdrew most of our personnel and assets almost a decade age."

"Hopefully it will be as easy as it sounds." The Captain paused for a moment. "However, piracy has been an ongoing problem since Starfleet drew down its presence on Deneb IV at the beginning of the decade. Combine that with the planet's proximity to the Breen border means that we need to be on our toes." He looked around the room. "Questions? Comments?"

Lisald raised his hand like he had during lectures at the Academy, and during his college days on Bajor. He noticed several smirk and smile at him, including the Captain, before lowering his hand. "Uh, ahem, will there be security and operations teams patrolling the Bandi City while the Admiral is doing her negotiations? I'd like to get an Archaeology team out to the Old City, as well as a few survey teams." Vaat was not one to miss a golden opportunity like this. "It has been more than a quarter-century since anyone in Starfleet, or the Federation, for that matter, have been out there to do any sort of scientific work."

Pope spoke up next, "The orders are quite specefic, the Admiral will maintain a small security team from her own staff. We are not send additonal security personnel in unless directed to by the Admiral, or we have substaintive reason to believe her life is in danger."

"Starfleet has also maintained a small contingent on Farpoint, even after we handed the station back to the Bandi." The Captain added. "They'll supplement the Admiral's detail should it be required." He moved on to address the Ensign's request. "Getting access to the old Bandi city will require the permission of the Gropplar. I'll see what I can do for you, Ensign."

"Shipwise we'll have our own security concerns, as you recall from our battle drill a Breen attack is very likely in this region. We will be at standing yellow alert for the duration of the time and several divisions will be retasked to monitoring for possible attacks. We also know from SFI that the Breen may have access to romulan cloaking tech." Pope added.

Alexandus spoke up, thinking aloud before addressing his question to the group, "So, Breen ships with cloaking devices and the potential for attacking us at anytime, from anywhere. Do we have any ways of scanning for any...distortions, any engine traces that may give us a warning that the Breen would be stalking us?" His eyes darting back and forth a bit, thinking of different ways that they could be best prepared for an attack, should one happen.

"May have access, is the key to what the XO said." Maxwell added. "In the years since the Romulan supernova, there have been rumours of numerous powers gaining access to Romulan cloaking technology but we've seen very little evidence of it. What was observed of Breen technology during the Guardian Station attack, doesn't support the conclusion that they've gained access to cloaking technology. Instead, they seem to be developing their tech with knowledge they gleaned from their brief time with the Dominion."

Stafford sat forward and laced his fingers togeather. "But the XO makes a good point, while Deneb IV is in Federation space, this is a volatile region and we must be vigilant." He looked over at the acting Chief Science Officer. "That goes for you too, if you get the chance to explore the old Bandi city."

Vaat's mind had been working overtime since the Chief Tactical Officer had mentioned trying to see through a cloak. He thought he had all that set up with the scans in several different formats during their journey so far, but now he was doubting himself. As such, he was wholly unprepared when the Captain looked at him and spoke to him directly. His heart skipped and his stomach jumped hard, and his mouth started watering profusely. "Um, aye Captain," was all that he could manage. He immediately thought of fifteen other responses he could have made that could have further contributed to the conversation, but that moment was gone, forever.

Elodin leaned forward and rested his elbows on the table. "Do we have any information on the current status of their public health infrastructure? The latest information I could find is over twelve years old, and there were reports of endemic cases of dysentery, and random outbreaks of Thelusian flu."

"The Bandi don't have much in the way of a public health infrastructure." Max replied. During the years that Starfleet commanded the station, they relied on us. Only a few medical officers remain as part of the contingent down there and they're overworked and understaffed. I understand that a Ferengi Doctor also offered his services," Stafford paused for a moment and was sure his officers knew what he was about to say next, "for a price. It was a price the Bandi couldn't afford so it's just our guys and a few Bandi healers."

Max sat back in his chair. "If and when Starfleet takes command of Farpoint again and we start expanding the facilities, they'll have a fully functioning health service but for now, provide the medical staff with whatever help you can."

"Ferengi doctors," muttered Elodin under his breath, in a tone that made his opinion of them completely unambiguous. "I'll contact their medical center and see if I can set up anything before we get there."

Neshaa had been following the conversation and thinking over what, if anything, she had to contribute when she caught the disdain in the doctor's voice. She couldn't help but look over at him incredulously. It was a tone she had grown familiar with, having heard it directed her way all too often, and she wasn't about to let it slide. She started to open her mouth, but at the last second stopped herself from saying what she wanted to say and instead managed a weak question, shifting her eyes back to the front of the table.

"Are we expecting any guests to come aboard from the station? Any need for accommodations, reception space, VIP tours?" Her question voiced, Neshaa took a big drink of her juice to keep from asking - or more importantly, saying - anything else.

The Captain shook his head. "The Admiral is the only VIP we're expecting during this mission. However, it wouldn't hurt to have a reception space ready in case we have to host a Bandi delegation once this thing is signed."

"I'll see to it." Pope said with a small nod to the Captain.

"No alcohol," interjected Elodin. All eyes turned sharply on him at this comment. "The Bandi digestive system can't tolerate it," he explained.

Vaat found his voice, and his confidence again. For several moments, he had been having an internal reminder to himself that he literally held a doctorate and was not some snot-nosed, fresh-faced Ensign that barely knew his way around a sonic shower. "Would it be possible to allocate additional power to the sensors, and ready several class III probes for extended range when we arrive at Deneb IV? I think the additional resources will go a long way to ensuring both the safety of the ship in terms of an early warning system as well as additional resources for scientific research and study."

"It could be prudent as long as the Bandi don't feel like they're being spied on." Pope replied.

Maxwell nodded along with his XO's words. "Agreed. Launch your probes, I'll smooth it over with the Bandi, should it be necessary but with them allowing a large Starfleet presence in the system moving forward, I doubt they'll have many objections. As for getting more power for the sensors," he motioned down the table towards Ensign Sohino, "you'll have to ask our new Chief Ops Officer about that."

"I'm sure we can work something out," Neshaa offered, turning towards Lisald. "Let's chat after the meeting?"

Vaat nodded. "Absolutely, I'd like that. Thank you." Lisald felt amazing! Here he was, making things happen, giving his thoughts and ideas, and they were actually being listened to, or at the very least considered. If only some of his friends and colleagues from Bajor, or hell, even from the Academy, could see this. They would scarcely believe it. Vaat could scarcely believe it, and he was sitting here! He continued to listen in on the meeting, and to try and follow everything that was going on. In the back of his mind, however, he kept thinking about the potential for going down to the surface and digging into the dirt down there, and finding some long-forgotten relic. He thought of the potential for helping the Bandi rediscover a part of themselves they had lost. He thought of the additional sensor logs that could be put to good use for stellar cartography, and additional information that could be added about the whole planet of Deneb IV to the Federation database. And he also worried about the potenatial for cloaked Breen warships decloaking all around them, and having no time to react. Would he freeze up? Would his mind not work fast enough again?

Elodin smiled at the young Bajoran's obvious enthousiasm. He reflected on the fact that so few of his compatriots had a similar joie de vivre and naïveté, and most were embittered, angry persons, who still held on to the grudges of the Occupation. The young man's attitude was a breath of fresh air for Elodin.

The Captain allowed silence to reign for a few moments, waiting to see if anyone had anything else to add. When it became clear that they didn't, he wrapped the meeting up. "Alright, we're due to arrive in the Deneb system in about 36 hours. Let's make sure we're ready. Dismissed."


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