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Post 32: A Study in the Sciences

Posted on Wed Oct 14th, 2020 @ 7:32pm by Ensign Lisald Vaat & Ensign Albert Spangler

Mission: Episode 1: Clean Slate
Location: Science Lab 3
Timeline: MD 5

Science Lab 3

Ensign Lisald stepped into his favorite Science Lab, fresh from the meeting with the Executive Officer about the battle drill from the day before, her words ringing in his ears. He needed to crack down on his department. The problem was, cracking down was not part of his personality. In fact, it was so far removed from his personality, that he even asked for advice from the second-highest ranking officer on the ship on how to proceed. He was not sure he could go through with this.

He looked around the lab, noticing an officer standing by the tertiary lateral sensor pallets console, tapping away at it lazily. His back was to Vaat, but he knew who he was instantly; Ensign Spangler, a Human. As it turned out, Ensign Spangler was one of several that did not report to their battle stations during the drill.

No time like the present, Vaat took a deep breath, let it out in a huff and made his way over to the far end of the lab. "Ensign," he said formally, and immediately felt like an idiot, for he himself was an Ensign. "A word, please."

Spangler winced, but completed his input on the console. He turned, hesitating as he looked at the acting chief. Albert could have swore he recognized him. "Did you used to arm wrestle for money in Australian bars?"

Vaat blinked and stepped back a step, completely thrown off guard at the question. It was so far outside of what he expected, so far outside of what he would legitimately consider an appropriate response, that he had no words. "What? No!" In fact, Lisald had never even been to Australia before. Sure, there was desert training in the Academy, but he had gone to Saudi Arabia for that training. Others had gone to the Mojave Desert, and still others to Australia.

Albert nodded, still unsure where he had seen this man before. "Well that's good. They're pretty rough." He responded, turning back to his work. "Could you help me with this for a minute? I need you to watch that spectrometer for fluctuations while I adjust the out put on this thing. Who ever calibrated must have half-drunk."

Vaat looked to the spectrometer and started to move towards it to help, but stopped in his tracks, remembering why he was here. "No, look Ensign, I came here because your name came up as one of a lot of people in this department that didn't respond to the drill that happened yesterday. I know how sensitive and how precise and how demanding our work is here in the department. Goodness knows I've been trying to calibrate and make ready everything I can get my hands on before we need them." He paused, then continued. "But that does not negate us from other responsibilities, that of the safety of our ship and our shipmates. Do you think I can count on you for the next time there is an exercise?" He softened his tone, even more than it already was, and continued, his eyes almost pleading with the Ensign. "I'm not going to sugarcoat this any more than I have to; I need help, badly, running this department. Will you help me make that happen? Be my guy on the ground, as it were, to make sure everyone is doing what they need to be doing while I'm up on the Bridge?"

The sensor console hummed, followed by an upbeat ding not unlike a microwave. Albert's eyebrows narrowed. "You'd think Starfleet would have invested a basic atomic spec-" he stopped, finally reviewing the last couple minutes in his head. He briefly considered the truth; the failed test of the equipment and the brief fire that ensued. By the time he cleaned up the aftermath the drill had ended. Did a good job though. "Yes, er. Ensign... sure." He nodded slowly, only a little off-put by Vaat's expression, "I will.. uh. Do.. that."

Vaat smiled big, proud of himself for getting over this first major hurdle of being in a leadership position. Now that he thought of that, it was laughable; he was only in his 30's, still a kid compared to some of the Captains and Admirals within Starfleet, and certainly within the scientific community throughout the Federation. He slapped the other scientist on the shoulder. "Good man! Now, let me help you with that spectrometer." He stole a glance over towards where the spectral micrometer was, likely still uncalibrated, then pushed it from his mind as he helped out his friend and comrade. As soon as he was done here, he would visit several others that made 'The List' and try to work with them to come to a common goal and understanding.

A JP between

Ensign Albert Spangler
Science Officer
USS Cygnus


Ensign Lisald Vaat
Assistant Chief Science Officer
"Acting" Chief Science Officer
USS Cygnus


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