Star Trek: Cygnus


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Post 34 - Science Guppy

Posted on Sat Oct 17th, 2020 @ 7:35pm by Ensign Albert Spangler & Commander Helena Pope

Mission: Episode 1: Clean Slate
Location: USS Cygnus | Enroute to XO's Office
Timeline: MD 02 | 1300

Ensign Spangler's expression didn't betray his feelings. The crewman that had shown him to his quarters and now to report to the CO was still talking, but Albert wasn't listening. He'd spent the last week on Guardian Station in anticipation of the Cygnus' arrival and was not feeling social. Truth be told it was not unpleasant; the temporary quarters were fine, the food was fine, the company was tolerable. Yet, Albert just plain didn't feel right.

He'd spent time out on a ship far from home, it wasn't that. If anything, the three years he spent on a mining vessel were practically barbaric compared to Starfleet standards. He felt like a fraud. The thought was pervasive, yet he was still here.

Spanger told himself he'd made it this far, that had to count for something, right?

The doors opened onto the bridge. "Here we are." The crewman gestured into the room, "That's our XO, Commander Pope." The crewman smiled. "Welcome aboard, Ensign."

Spangler nodded, wishing he had been listening to this crewman talk a little more up to this point. "Thank you, erm.. bud." Now, to get this done without vomiting.

Helena heard the chime and called for the person to enter. She wasn't expecting anyone but it was likely a new officer reporting aboard. The door opened and she saw a teal collared officer. "Ensign, please come in."

Albert stepped in channeling his inner duck; on the surface calm and cool, but underneath a mess of kicking and feathers. He approached the desk, offering the PADD containing his orders. "Ensign Albert Spangler, reporting for duty, Commander."

"Welcome aboard Ensign, have a seat." She said gesturing to the empty chair as she accepted the PADD. "I see you're joining our Science department. What's your area of expertise?"

He took the offered seat, relaxing slightly. "Yes, ma'am. I am a chemist; my degree is in analytical chemistry, and I have experience in mineral exploration." Albert began, entering his comfort zone talking about something he knew. "Materials analysis, composition, hazard determination. I also dabbled in physics."

Pope nodded, Science was always the area she felt most out of her depth in. "I always hated analytical chemistry" She said with a grin, "I had Doctor Carnbola at the academy, I'm pretty sure her midterm gave me nightmares for 6 months." Pope said with a small smile. "Unfortunately Command has yet to assign us a Chief or Assistant Chief so your division head will assist with administrative matters for the time being. You'll be reporting to Ensign T'Voa tomorrow."

"Understood, Commander. Ensign T'Voa. Tomorrow." Albert nodded slowly. He wasn't sure what to think about the lack of leadership in his department. Maybe it would buy him some time to rearrange the lab to his liking.

"Are you alright Ensign? You seem a million light years away." Pope asked setting down her PADD.

He looked back towards the XO, considering this. "Nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, at most, Commander."

Helena smilled. "Very well, dismissed Ensign, again welcome aboard." She said.

An Introductory Post by the newest science-er, and your venerable XO;

Commander Helena Pope
Executive Officer, USS Cygnus
Ensign Albert Spangler
Science Officer, USS Cygnus


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