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Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 @ 4:30am by Lieutenant JG Myles Frost & Ensign Kovar

Mission: Shoreleave 1
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost - Immediately following Away Mission

Kovar focused on his breathing as he lay on the biobed.

Inhale. Exhale. Slow and deep.

The pain was there, a bright shining ember begging for his full attention. But the young Vulcan would not comply. Already the ember was beginning to recede as his thoughts focused solely on the rhythm of his breath.

Inhale. Exhale. Slow and deep.

He had a vague awareness of his injuries; he'd seen the rip in the material that had been covering his left leg, the green blood that had been flowing from a puncture wound in that same thigh. He could feel it pulsing, feel each beat strengthen the glow of his pain. Most likely this had been caused by shrapnel from the explosion, but no. Enough of this speculation. He was the master of his thoughts, and his thoughts were to be aimed entirely at his breathing while he was attended to by the medical staff.

Inhale. Exhale. Slow and deep.

Myles quickly read through what limited information they had. There had been an explosion aboard the freighter. Luckily the Ensigns injured we're not as severe as the Commanders. "Ensign Kovar, I'm Nurse Frost. You're going to be okay." He said as he moved to the side of the biobed and gave the engineer a reassuring look. "I'm going to give you something for the pain." He said loading a hypospray. "Can you tell me what you remember?"

Kovar's hand shot up to grasp the hypospray. "Please, no," he managed, his voice a bit weaker than he'd expected it to sound. He searched for Frost's eyes and met them. "There is pain, but I can manage. Having my thoughts dulled by medication is a far more distressing proposition."

Frost froze, "It's perfectly safe. It's." He was about to continue before stopping. "Arguing with a Vulcan." He said shaking his head as he set the unused hypo down.

Kovar arched an eyebrow, taking note of the comment, but only replied, "Thank you for respecting my request."

"In regards to what I remember," the ensign continued. "I was a member of the away team sent to the freighter. After arriving on the bridge and finding it in a state of disarray, I accompanied Commander Micca and Lieutenant Safaer to the engineering section of the ship. We were attempting to restore power in order to facilitate search and rescue efforts when there were sounds of struggle from the adjacent area Commander Micca had entered to enable repairs. I saw Lieutenant Safaer react to the threat only to be attacked herself. I was moving to assist when I heard a voice say, 'For the cause'. Seconds later there was an explosion and I was knocked to the deck. I was aware of a piercing sensation in my upper thigh just before the transporter beam returned us to the safety of the ship. A second transport deposited me here in sick bay." The Vulcan thought back over his statement. "I apologize for my imprecise account, Nurse Frost. Perhaps I have suffered a contusion to my head, as well?"

"Nope, that's pretty damn good." The Nurse replied. "Typically people have very little recollection of a trauma like that." He began scanning the area of the main wound, a second nurse tending to the relatively minor burns.

"It looks like the shrapnel managed to miss the main arteries. I'm going to use the medical transporter to remove it, then we'll deal with the minor arteries that have been severed, then the tissue regen. I assume you're not refusing any of these treatments like you did the pain meds?" Frost said.

The Vulcan's brow furrowed. "Refusing your recommended treatment would not be logical, Nurse Frost. I am confident in your training and ability." He paused, reflecting on his healer's tone of voice and word choice. "My apologies if I have in any way offended you. It is not my intention to be a difficult patient."

Myles smirked, "No that's not it. Prepare the medical transporter." He said as another nurse prepared the device.

"Target locked, ready on your call."

"Energize." He ordered ready to begin sealing the blood vessels once the sharpnel was gone. "Alright we'll begin deep tissue regen." He said as he moved a device over the wond, "Just relax it will be about 15 minutes and I'll be back to check on you in a few minuites."

Kovar nodded. "Thank you." He then returned his focus to his breathing as his body was slowly stitched together. There was some pain, but he was the master of that pain, and he shifted his thoughts to a sunset, feeling any discomfort sink beneath the horizon alongside the fading beams of light.

He was holding tightly to this image when his subconscious brought a clear image of Nurse Frost to the forefront of his mind. Intriguing. Why would he focus on the face of a fellow officer he had only just met? Kovar could not think of any reason why, but the image was pleasant and having the same calming effect as the setting sun, so he allowed it to remain as his treatment continued.

A few minutes later Myles came back and gave Kovar a smile. "How are you feeling?" He asked as he started checking the readings and the wound.

The mental image of Frost's face dissolved into the real thing as Kovar opened his eyes. He was dismayed to realize he had not recalled the exact distance between the nurse's eyebrows, no doubt a consequence of his impaired condition. He would endeavor to pay closer attention to such details, injured or not.

"It... itches," he answered, after reflection. Again, imprecise language. Unacceptable, regardless of circumstance.

"Well regrowing a chunk of your leg tends to do that." Myles said smiling as he put his hand on the Vulcan's shoulder. "That should go away pretty shortly after the end of the treatment, you'll likely have some soreness and stiffness for a few days. Gentle stretching will help alleviate that." The nurse said checking the wound again. "About another 90 seconds and it should be good." He said consulting the man's vital readings.

"Very good. I thank you for your time and attention, Nurse Frost." Kovar attempted a small nod to demonstrate his sincerity, but there was apparently some stiffness in his neck, as well. "Is there any word on the condition of the other away team members?"

"Commander Micca is in surgery, Lieutenant Safaer has already been released." Frost replied, checking the readings again before shutting off the regenerator. "The two survivors from the freighter are both in surgery as well."

"Indeed," Kovar replied. It was good to hear his colleagues had, at least, survived the explosion. Bracing himself, he slowly sat up in the biodbed but stopped short of swinging his legs around the side. It did not seem as if he should attempt any swift movement at the moment. "Will I be permitted to return to work or will I be required to convalesce before resuming my duties?"

Myles grinned, there was something about the way the Vulcan spoke that ammused him, 'oldtimey' his sister would call it. "We'll let's start by standing," Myles said, standing at the side of the bed his hands out to assist if needed. "Try slowly standing up, put the majority of your weight on the other leg until you're standing, then we'll try moving your weight to your injured leg."

Kovar slowly started to stand, his weight entirely on his good leg as he began. He extended the injured one, but kept his foot hovering tentatively above the deck as he gauged his balance. Concluding it best to practice caution over bravado, he reached out to gently clasp Frost's hand in order to steady himself. He then settled his left foot firmly next to his right. Locking eyes with his nurse, he then let his weight distribute evenly.

"My leg is sore, but I believe it is functional," he reported, still holding on but relaxing his grip.

"I've got you." Frost said quitely, bearing the Ensigns weight. "The soreness will probably last a day or two but it should be better after that."

"Indeed." Kovar acknowledged, finally leveling his left foot on the deck and standing straight on his own. He shifted his center of balance slowly from one leg to the other, before taking one step, then another. "Sore but functional," he affirmed. "You must permit me to show my gratitude for your work, when the opportunity arises. Until then, I am in your debt."

Myles smiled, "Just doing my job." He did one last scan of the area. "I'd like you to come back in about 24 hours, we'll see how it's healing. You'll be off duty for a day or two, but you're free to go to your quarters."

Kovar nodded. "Understood. Until tomorrow." He walked towards the exit, tall and proud, his reduced pace the only indication of injury. As the doors opened and he entered the corridor, he began to turn his head for a final look at his nurse but the ensign stopped himself. Why would he need another glance at his caregiver? The very idea was illogical. Instead, he centered himself in mediation as he began the journey back to his quarters.

Inhale. Exhale. Slow and deep.


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