Star Trek: Cygnus


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Medical Update

Posted on Wed Dec 30th, 2020 @ 6:19pm by Commander Helena Pope & Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD

Mission: Shoreleave 1
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: En Route to SB 514

Helena entered sickbay asking a nurse where the Chief was, following the direction she stepped into the Chief's open office door and knocked on the door frame. "Got a second?"

Elodin was just hanging his labcoat on the hanger, getting ready to call it a day - after two amputation surgeries, impact trauma on the freighter pilot, and a few bumps and bruises from the recent battle, he felt completely exhausted. His shift had just ended, and now what he was most looking forward to was a warm and comforting bowl of grolanda stew, an hour to sit and meditate with the Prophets, and a good night's sleep.

He jumped when the First Officer walked in, but merely smiled and nodded. "Of course," he said.

He motioned for Helena to take a seat, while he opened a cabinet door. He fetched two glasses and a tall bottle, filled with an amber-colored liquid. "Saurian brandy?" he offered. His meal would wait.

"No thank you, I'm still on duty." She said with a smile. "Command would like an update on our guests. Apparently, they think the attack is part of something larger, they want to make sure they can interview the survivors."

"Not right now," replied Elodin, shaking his head. "The pilot, the Haliian woman, took a severe blow to the head. She has a pretty severe concussion. She's under sedation right now, I don't want to risk waking her until morning. The Barzan navigator, well... He's in bad shape. He lost a lot of blood. I had to amputate his arm from the shoulder and reconstruct the entire articulation. We're growing a clone replacement, same as with Commander Micca's leg, but those won't be ready for a few weeks. I don't think he'll be able to answer questions for another 26 hours."

Helena made a few notes on her PADD. "Did anything in their injuries indicate a possible motive or any more information about why they were attacked or who attacked them?" She asked.

Again Elodin shook his head negatively. "They were injured by the battle damage their own ship sustained, so there's no way for me to pick up any residual traces of their attackers' weapons."

Another note in the PADD. "Alright thanks, Doc, if anything changes let me know but otherwise they'll be transferred to the Starbase when we arrive."

Elodin nodded. "I'll have to write up a detailed treatment protocol for the arm replacement," he noted. Outposts this far out on the frontier were rarely equipped for such delicate work, and were most often used to dealing with first aid protocols, until such time as the patient could be transferred to a more advanced medical facility. "I doubt this particular Starbase has the necessary expertise for such a procedure, it's likely he'll be transferred again elsewhere. The clone replacement arm will have to be transferred along with him."

Helena nodded, "I wish we'd been able to save more than the two of them."

"It was the will of the Prophets," stated Elodin.

Helena was tempted to make a comment that that was likely little comfort to their families but thought better. "Your faith is very important to you isn't it Doctor?"

"Of course," replied Elodin. "One's faith is the core of one's being. It shapes their morality, guides their moral compass, helps inform their decisions, whether consciously or unconsciously."

She nodded, "The last time Earth did a census, less than 10% of the Earth's human population identified believing in religion, most of Earth's major organized religions broke apart after the third war, throw first contact in and it basically shot most of the belief systems to bits anyway. I mean, I guess it doesn't hurt that your God's actually end up being non-corporal aliens."

"Touché," replied Elodin with a smile. "Actually, I do know a bit of the history behind the decline in Earth's religion, and most of it actually started a long time before your last World War. In fact, one might wonder if the decline itself didn't contribute to the conflict. As for the impact of First Contact, well... That's a question best left to philosophers."

Pope nodded, "I think Humans tend to forget our past a little too easily," She remarked. "Anyway I should leave you be, thank you for the update Doctor."

"Any time," smiled Elodin.


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