Star Trek: Cygnus


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The Colleague's Checkup

Posted on Fri Jan 1st, 2021 @ 1:01am by Lieutenant Angus McTavish & Lieutenant Commander Abrum Micca PhD

Mission: Shoreleave 1
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 6 1830 HR

Lieutenant Angus McTavish had some downtime while the Cygnus was en route to port. He wanted to check in on Lieutenant Commander Abrum Micca was doing. He stepped into Sickbay.

A nurse approached him, "How can I assist you, Lieutenant?"

"I'm looking for Lieutenant Commander Micca."

"He is in bio-bed 3," the nurse replied and she gestured to where the bed was located.

The Lieutenant's eyes followed and spotted the Chief Engineer laying in the bio-bed. He looked over to the nurse, "Thank you."

Angus made his way over to the man, "Lieutenant Commander. How are you?"

"Feeling a bit lops-sided." The Engineer replied.

"We will make you into the Tinman," the Scotsman replied.

"I was hopping for a wooden peg, would make a great halloween costume" Abrum replied.

The Scotsman laughed, "I'll see if I can talk the Doc into it!"

"Not sure Max would appreciate it," Abrum said with a smirk. "So any news on the attack?"

"The Tunlep was loss after we beamed aboard," McTavish continued, "the pirates that jumped you and the rest of the Away team came looking for round two. We destroyed two of the three ships, one managed to escape."

Abrum nodded solemnly, "Does Starfleet have any idea of a motive?"

"No," McTavish continued, "Trafalgar is en route to relieve us in orbit of Deneb IV. She's apparently better equipped to deal with piracy than the Cygnus. We are under orders to report to Starbase 514 once they've arrived in the system."

"Well, at least we're getting out of here." Abrum replied. "Was there anything else you needed Lieutenant? I'm off activity duty so I don't really need to be looped into things."

"Just checking in is all," McTavish smirked. "But I better get headed home for some supper before the Doc loops me in for a medical eval. Let me know if you need anything?"

Abrum nodded, "Will do Lieutenant."

"Speak with you soon, rest up." The Scotsman gave the Chief Engineer a smile and left Sickbay.


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