Star Trek: Cygnus


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Spectral Micrometer Woes

Posted on Wed Jan 13th, 2021 @ 9:36pm by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat

Mission: Shoreleave 1
Location: Science Lab 3

Science Lab 3
USS Cygnus

More than two days had passed since the ship had arrived at the Starbase. Vaat had enjoyed his leave time on the Starbase greatly, spending way too much of his hard-earned gold-pressed latinum (and Federation credits, where they were accepted) on souvenirs and exotic foods.

His departmental reports had been finished before he ever stepped off the ship. Any repairs that needed to be made had been overseen by Ensign Spangler and the new Chief Engineer, whom Vaat had not yet met. With his scheduled leave time over, he found himself back in his old lab, Science Lab 3, with not much else to do. He would have to make sure to pass on the spectacular work that Ensign Spangler did overseeing the repairs to the department while Vaat was on leave. He would be sure to note it in his departmental log, as well as make a face-to-face mention of it to Commander Pope.

After going through much of the data they had collected on Deneb IV, making sure it was catalogued properly, he wandered over to the central science station. He was amused to find the Spectral Micrometer he had been working on when he first came aboard the ship sitting there. He picked it up, along with the stations dedicated tricorder, and scanned it, wondering if it had ever been calibrated properly. Much to his amazement, it had not.

Vaat looked at the chronometer on the display and noted he had more than three hours before evening meal, which he had promised to have with his former bunkmates. He thought it was plenty of time so he got to work finally calibrating the thing properly.

Not five minutes into his task, a Bolian Science Tech, a lower enlisted one that he knew by his records alone, entered the Science Bay. "Oh, hello sir," the Bolian said, coming to attention smartly. Vaat straightened to his full height and nodded his hello and gave a greeting in return.

"I really didn't expect anyone in here sir," the Bolian continued. "I'll just leave you to your work, and to the lab, sir," he said.

Vaat watched the young man leave, before getting back to calibrating the Spectral Micrometer, his concentration broken. He tried to pick up where he had left off, but having only really just gotten into it, he thought it would be better to go ahead and start from scratch. He reset the Spectral Micrometer back to factory settings, then reset the tricorder back to a diagnostic scan.

Roughly twenty minutes into it, a group of seven scientists, Vaat recognizing from various fields in the department, burst into the lab, arguing hotly and passionately amongst each other. The swoosh of the door and the sudden onslaught of noise startled the Chief Science Officer, causing him to drop the Spectral Micrometer, it clanking loudly to the Lab station. The clank was unobserved as the group meandered their way over to the Bulkhead display, still arguing over, well, Vaat couldnt really tell, since all seven of them were talking at the same time.

Gritting his teeth and picking it back up, he scanned it again, hoping against all hope that the calibration which had been done so far had not been affected. Scanning it slowly and carefully, his heart beating hard, the tricorder chirped and buzzed. He looked at it closely, feeling his heart and his shoulders sink as the readings showed that it was completely out of sync again.

Vaat looked over at the gaggle of scientists and gave them a very stern and mean look, not that any of them noticed, their backs to him. If his eyes had been phaser pulse cannons, there would definitely not be much left of them excepts small piles of charred carbon on the deck and bulkheads.

His temporary anger over, he went back, again, to calibrate this hateful tool, but after several failed attempts, his heart really wasn't in it anymore. Despite his best attempts, his concentration kept wavering, partly due to his frustration with not being able to get this one task completed, partly because of the loud scientists on the other side of the lab, and partly due to his mind just wandering because of how tedious it was, he finally gave up.

Sitting the Spectral Micrometer back down, uncalibrated, and replacing the tricorder back in its compartment to charge, he looked around the lab, shook his head and decided to call it a day. He still had just over an hour before his lunch date with his friends; he could use the time to just walk and clear his mind. He was sure there were parts of the ship he had yet seen, so why not?

Stepping out of the lab, he set of....well, this way, with no real destination in mind.

Lieutenant junior grade Lisald Vaat
Chief Science Officer
USS Cygnus


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