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Welcome to the USS Cygnus!

The USS Cygnus is a Nebula-class heavy cruiser which has seen decades of Starfleet service. After a recent refit, the ship has been assigned to the Fourth Fleet in Task Force 9 along the Breen border. As a Federation ship-of-the-line, her mission includes exploration, diplomacy, and defense, and in this often-lawless region, her presence is necessary to keep the peace and show the flag. Task Force 9 has been tasked with securing the trailing-coreward section of the Alpha Quadrant where the Federation intersects with Tzenkethi, Ferengi, Breen, and Kzinti space, an area that has long been noted for the porousness of the Federation's borders to raiders.

Thanks to the stabilization of the Barzan wormhole, this region is now home to the only reliable connection between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, which has significantly upset the balance of power, and so the border is more dangerous than ever, necessitating that ships like the Cygnus hold the line and keep the situation from descending into chaos.

The Breen Frontier has long been the target of Breen and Kzinti predations—the Cyngus will stop them.

The Deneb Sector hides wonders and secrets—the Cyngus will find them.

The many diverse worlds in this area are tired of being ignored by the Federation—the Cyngus will bring them into the fold.

Will you be with us for this journey?

The USS Cygnus is a proud member of Bravo Fleet and of Task Force 9.

This writing group values diversity in all forms. We are rated 111 on the RPG Rating scale, which equates to approximately 13+.
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Latest Mission Posts

» Roommates

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 8:57pm by Commander Helena Pope & Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD

Elodin took a deep breath, and finally closed the small shrine to the Prophets that was set up on a shelf in his quarters. He felt calm and peaceful, the meditation having helped to clear some of the adrenaline rush of the past few days, with all of the preparation…

» We've Got To Do Better Than 30%

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 5:22pm by Commander Helena Pope & Lieutenant Angus McTavish & Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Ensign Albert Spangler & Lieutenant Anna Cohen PhD

Anna took a long sip from her coffee, she felt like she was running on fumes, despite being energized by the chance of a solution. The team had reconveened in a conference room on deck 4, the three scientists from the planet had joined them, but the reception was still…

» Meeting the Doc

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 10:42pm by Ensign August Olson Mr & Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD & Lieutenant JG Kireth th'Shylis

Th'Shylis punched up the latest information into his data PaDD. The medical dispensory was now fully loaded, complete with every medication that the medical staff at Dalridia V had listed - or at least, their closest equivalent that the computer had been able to identify. Some medications were no doubt…

» Welcoming the Delegation

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 9:54pm by Commander Helena Pope & Captain Maxwell Stafford & Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Ensign Neshaa Sohino

Helena stood uncomfortably in her dress uniform. Herself and the Captain were sporting the formal variant. "Are they ready yet?" She asked the operator for the third time.

"No ma'am they are still saying they will be ready momentarily." The operator replied.

"They were supposed to be ready half an…

» "I think we might have something"

Mission: Episode 2: Collision Course
Posted on Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 @ 8:00pm by Lieutenant Angus McTavish & Lieutenant Anna Cohen PhD

[ Chief Security/Tactical Officer Office ]

Lieutenant Angus McTavish looked over the list he had compiled with former Chief Engineering Officer Lieutenant Commander Abrum Micca. His first successor Lieutenant Commander Aarven Ashatia finished it and now under his second successor Lieutenant Anna Cohen, Engineering teams were starting to work on…