Star Trek: Cygnus


The Sim

The USS Cygnus is a writing group associated with Task Force 9 of Bravo Fleet. Sometimes referred to as a game or a sim, we are a group of like-minded writers who enjoy telling stories in the Star Trek universe through collaborative writing. This format allows us to write both solo and joint entries, as we control a set of characters through a series of scenarios. It's a game of imagination and creativity that welcomes writers of all skill levels and interests.

In-character, this is a general purpose starship. A large Nebula-class heavy cruiser, this vessel shares a significant amount of features with the slightly larger Galaxy-class ship, most famously seen as the Enterprise-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation., though it has been refitted several times in the 30 years since it was built. As a ship of the line, it can expect to be sent on any number of missions as it patrols along the Breen border, ranging from diplomatic visits to scientific investigations to tactical missions, meaning that this group will write about all of the things that make Star Trek Star Trek.