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Posted on Fri Jun 11th, 2021 @ 6:26pm by Lieutenant Elodin Devan MD & Lieutenant Commander Angus McTavish

Mission: Episode 3: Search and Rescue

Elodin walked out of his office, carrying the data PaDD containing the inventory th'Shylis and Frost had just completed of the dispensary. There were some discrepancies in the report that he needed to sort out before the end of the shift if he was to prepare the requisition list and send it out to DS9.

"th'Shylis," he called out, waving the data PaDD. "Twenty thousand units of 'hippoboramine'? Are we expecting an invasion of Judoon with thyroid deficiencies?"

The Andorian looked up from the nurses' station computer, his antennae tilting. "Hydroboramine," he corrected. "It's a typo, an auto-correct thing from the PaDD."

"Change it in the report, will you? And proofread the entire list. How can we expect the medical staff on DS9 to take us seriously if I order 'hippo'-anything?"

As Elodin turned back toward his office, the Sickbay doors parted, admitting the ship's Chief Security Officer.

With his promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Angus McTavish was required to report to Sickbay for a medical evaluation. He saw Doctor Elodin headed into his office, "Doc!"

Elodin stopped in his tracks and turned to face the newly-promoted Lieutenant Commander. "Angus," he greeted. He glanced at the clock on the wall. He knew the Security Chief had an appointment for a physical, but he hadn't realized that time had gone so fast this morning. "Is it 1045 already? Please," he added, extending an arm toward the nearest biobed.

The Lieutenant Commander nodded, “Good morning, Doc.” He approached the nearest bio-bed and sat up, “So how are the kids?” McTavish joked nervously as he disliked being in Sickbays.

"Just the way you'd expect kids to be. Always needing a parent around to keep them in line. Lie back, try to relax," directed the Doctor, turning on the equipment. "Anything worth mentioning since your last physical?"

"Besides a transfer to a new ship, becoming a department head and then a promotion?" The Lieutenant Commander smirked as he laid back onto the bio-bed. "Medically, you mean? I mean, I sometimes get headaches staring at a console."

Elodin flipped open a medical tricorder and scanned Angus's eyes. "How long has this been bothering you?" he asked.

"Since the start of last mission," McTavish shrugged almost dismissively. He couldn't recall when it started to bother him.

"Are you feeling the headache now?"

"Not presently,"

"Can you describe the pain? Back of the neck, around the temples, forehead...?" asked Elodin, his voice trailing off as he ran a deep arterial scan of the Security Chief's cranium.

"Bit of the forehead and sometimes a crank in the neck but that might just be old age." McTavish laughed uncomfortably.

"I'm sure this is something you don't want to hear, but that might just be the thing. You're getting very close to that age where human eyesight tends to deteriorate. I'll need to run visual acuity tests to make sure, but the headaches around the eye sockets point in that direction. As for the back of the neck, I'd look at your posture while you're at your station."

"Is it preventable? Treatable?" McTavish replied with concern.

"Absolutely," replied Elodin. "Presbyopia is a normal part of the human aging process, but we have ways of reversing it - to an extent. The lens in your eye is hardening, and as a result your eyes are experiencing difficulty focusing on things like written text. Over time, the eye strain can cause a headache at the end of a shift. I can administer Retinox VI, which can help reverse the process."

"Fantastic," McTavish replied. "Any side effects that I may experience taking the drug, Doc?"

"Possibly a bit of eye strain for a couple of days while the drug takes effect, but a mild analgesic will take care of that. About point-two percent of people are allergic to Retinox. Should you fall within that statistic, we'll discuss alternative treatment, but rest assured, there are other options."

McTavish nodded, "Let's do it."

Elodin smiled at his patient's enthusiasm. "Like I said, I need more detailed ocular scans before I can proceed - beyond what is normally called for during a routine physical. We can make an appointment for next week, specifically for this problem. In the meantime, I'll prescribe an analgesic like hydroprofen for the headaches, and I'd suggest you alter the holo interface on your console and use a larger font to lessen the eyestrain."

"Thank you, Doc. Let's book me in for the earliest you can bring me in for an appointment."

Elodin tapped a note in the data PaDD to have the nurse currently overseeing scheduling to book the earliest possible appointment for the ship's Security Chief, and returned his attention to the physical examination. "Anything else bothering you?"

"Nothing else," McTavish replied. "Am I good to go?"

Elodin checked the last of the readouts, and compared them to the baselines from the previous physical. There were very few variations, and the ones present were within expectations for someone of the Commander's age and condition. He tagged the results as the latest baseline, and saved the results to the medical file.

"You're good to go. Nurse Frost will be in touch for your next appointment."


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