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Operations Needs

Posted on Sat Aug 14th, 2021 @ 6:35pm by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat

Mission: Episode 3: Search and Rescue
Location: Bridge, USS Cygnus

USS Cygnus

Lisald sat at his station forward bridge, port station. He looked up to see the viewscreen, which was currently showing the area they were in, with the Lakarian City off to the right, mostly cut off out of view. He looked to his right briefly to see the Navigator for the colossal ship. He missed standing at the back of the bridge at Science Station 1, now Spangler's station when he was on the Bridge, as that position offered him a commanding view of the Bridge. From there, he could see even more than the Captain, Executive Officer and Chief Tactical Officer could see. He could see the grand picture, if you will, of the operations of the bridge. He could get a feel of what was going on at all times. He snorted at the thought, thinking of the position he was now in. He literally had the pulse of the ship and everything that went into it at his fingertips. He then back down to his own station.

In the time it took him to look around, scarcely more than 30 seconds, he already had four requests from various sections of the ship for resources to be allocated to them. Science wanted additional power to astrometrics, stellar cartography and sensor analysis. Tactical wanted additional power to shields. Navigation wanted additional power to the navigational deflector. Finally, Medial was requesting additional computer core time, for some reason. Unfortunately, the Cygnus had only a finite amount of power to give. As such, not all of the systems aboard could be running at 100% at any given time. It was a juggling act, an exercise in power allocations and logistics, taking from here, giving there. Maintaining this system at the detriment of that system. Often enough, it was something that was rarely talked about, especially if the Chief of Operations was at least decent in his or her tasks.

With the current mission at hand, Lisald granted additional power to sensor analysis, maintained current power allocations to stellar cartography and cut back some in astrometrics. Looking at his available power, that freed up a few percentage points of overall power available. Looking at the navigation power consumption, there was no reason to keep it at peak efficiency, so he dropped that down 10% and quickly sent a note to Commander Pope and the Navigator explaining why. They weren't moving right now, and were not expected to go to warp anytime soon, so he left enough power to the deflector to manage at sub-light velocities. That extra power went to shields; not for defensive purposes, but for protection of life within the hull of the mighty starship. Lieutenant Commander McTavish would not be pleased with that, but until he, Spangler or Lisald saw any reason to go to Red Alert, or if the Commander or Captain ordered it, that would be the way it was. As for the computer core time for Medical, he saw no reason to deny that; they were using only 35% capacity of their three computer cores. Medical using some of it would not make a difference in any way.

And so the dance continued at Operations, keeping the departments happy, keeping the ship running smooth, and making it look like he was bored.

Maybe he should talk to Commander Pope about taking on additional responsibilities and duties...

Lieutenant jg Lisald Vaat
Chief of Operations
USS Cygnus


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